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Why use a CRA Member to repair your vehicle? Today we’ll discuss the Collision Repairers Association of South Africa (CRA), what it is and what it takes to become a member and why you should only trust a CRA Premium Member to repair your vehicle.


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There’s a lot of body repair shops out there and picking the quality ones have never been harder. Do you look for Google reviews, ask friends and hope for the best? Although you could do all of this, there is now a much simpler way. You can ask them if they’re a CRA Member, and if they are, you know that you’re dealing with a Premium Panel beater.


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Here are the various reasons why you should make use of a CRA Member:

1.      CRA has created a national membership network of 200 plus premium auto body repairers located throughout South Africa. This means help is just around the corner wherever you are in South Africa.

2.      All CRA Members are committed to service excellence and above all, the safety of customers through the application of world class standards.

3.      The risks associated with possible future collisions as a result of poor workmanship, are reduced to a minimum through the application of global best practice repair techniques. A proper and safe repair goes much deeper than you can visually observe. Poor repairs are dangerous to you and your family, and will impact negatively on the value of your vehicle. So, always insist on the best.

4.      CRA Members focus on providing a great customer service experience, maintain world class service delivery standards and overall customer satisfaction.

5.      CRA Members have highly trained and experienced auto body and paint technicians using the most advanced technology and equipment to repair your vehicle back to factory specification.

6.      CRA has an extensive new member vetting and on-boarding process. Through this process both industry skills and subject matter expertise are taken into consideration, as well as considering candidates’ ethics, attitude and commitment before an auto body repair shop is allowed to become a premium member.

7.      CRA Members must comply to the CRA Code of Conduct that is based on integrity, fairness, honesty, trustworthiness, respect, openness, and conduct their business in line with the Consumer Protection Act.

8.      CRA Members are subject to an annual audit to guarantee compliance with the CRA Safety Through Standards processes and philosophy.

9.      CRA Members have multiple factory approvals and OEM certifications which means our members are trained experts. They research and confirm the proper procedures to repair your vehicle, every time.

10.  CRA Members are committed to service excellence and therefore have given you, the customer, the right to formally address complaints via an independent online complaint process to reduce conflict and expedite complaint resolution and disputes.


So, the next time you need to have your vehicle repaired, be sure to make the safe choice and choose a body repair shop that values your safety and the safety of your family as much as you do. Choose a Premium auto body repair shop. Choose a CRA Member.



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