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The new Fiat Topolino is a super cute EV you’ll want to own.


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Fiat on Wednesday revealed its all-new and all-electric Topolino (Italian for “baby mouse”).

Based on the Citroën Ami and named after the iconic Fiat 500 “Topolino” produced from 1936 to 1955, this ultra chic quadricycle features gorgeous retro styling cues and exists to offer an easy, fun and electrified inner-city transportation solution to move the masses.

With seating for two, the Topolino is shown here with a retractable brown cloth roof, a pastel teal exterior colour similar to the hue used on its larger 500 sibling, cream seats and doors that – like on the Citroën Ami – can be zipped off and stowed inside the cabin.

Though technical details remain thin on the ground, it’s fair to assume that the Topolino will use the same 6kW electric motor and 5.5kWh battery pack as used in the Citroën. As such you can expect a top speed of 45 km/h and a range of about 75km. On paper this doesn’t sound like much, but if you live inside a congested city, what more do you need?

At the time of writing Fiat is yet to announce when the Topolino will be launched and how much it will cost, though it will probably be made available in Europe later this year. As with the Citroën Ami unveiled in 2020, the Topolino will most likely not be offered in South Africa. Pity, because it looks like great fun.


Main Image: The new Fiat Topolino is based on the Citroën Ami. Image: Supplied


Article credit to Times LIVE Motoring.



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Would you be interested in buying a Fiat Topolino, if they are available in South Africa?


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