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BMW launches first all-electric sedan in South Africa, the new electric i4 sedan has a starting price of R1.6 million.


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BMW said the i4 is the brand’s first purely electric model focused squarely on driving dynamics from the outset. Initially, only one model variant will be available from launch – the  i4 M50 performance model. This model uses one electric motor at the front axle and another at the rear to deliver a system output of 400kW, and the vehicle has a range of up to 510 kilometres per cycle.

Demanding a large amount of power for more than ten seconds in the BMW i4 M50 triggers Sport Boost, which unfurls not only the drive system’s maximum output but also maximum system torque of 795 Nm. This enables the BMW M model to sprint from 0 – 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds, the group said.

“An integrated heating and cooling system for the interior, the high-voltage battery and the drive system – which operates using an exceptionally efficient heat pump function – comes as standard in the BMW i4.




“Anticipatory thermal management allows the operating temperature of the high-voltage battery to be optimised ahead of a stop at a fast-charging station, paving the way for rapid and efficient charging,” BMW said.

The group added that the Combined Charging Unit (CCU) of the BMW i4 has been designed to enable extremely flexible battery charging, while  DC charging is possible at up to 200 kW.

“For example, in a short mid-journey stop at a high-power charging station, the car’s range can be increased by as much as 140 kilometres (BMW i4 M50) within 10 minutes from a 10% charge level. The BMW i4 model in South Africa is supplied complete with the BMW Charging Card, a Flexible Fast Charger for charging at up to 11 kW and a mode two charging cable.”

BMW confirmed that the i4 will feature the new generation of its iDrive display and control/operation system.

Other features include a three-zone automatic climate control system, seat heating and steering wheel heating, remote software upgrades, cloud-based navigation system BMW Maps and 5G connectivity.

Some 40 assistance functions are fitted as standard or available as options to provide safe and comfortable driving and parking. Highlights include active cruise control with automatic speed limit assist, route monitoring, and steering and lane control assist.



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Article Credit To Business Tech.


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