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By Fady “Fred” Helou

Get customer feedback from day one and keep doing it as it is key to the growth of many companies. Getting feedback early enough to enhance your product is the real secret to success.


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There’s probably no successful business that doesn’t do customer support well. And as a leader, you can’t assume that some support won’t be necessary. After all, mistakes happen, and people will have basic questions. Leaning on that support as a way to keep people loyal isn’t ideal, however. If you really want people to stick around, then it’s almost always better to improve your product first. Those shifts typically require tapping customer feedback consistently and being as in-depth about it as you can.



Feedback reveals the right goals

Since you’re only human, you probably rely on biases and assumptions like everybody else. In product development, those biases and assumptions can get in your way. Those incorrect beliefs can translate into a poor design or fix that doesn’t help them solve their problems and keeps the need for support high. Feedback takes the blinders off your eyes so you can see what their real needs are and set the right goals around those needs.

For example, in my business, our website is designed to get people on and off quickly. It’s aimed at professionals, and we know that professionals are busy. If we had designed the site in the same way as a “fun” site like, say, Facebook, or if our interface wasn’t as intuitive, then yes, people might stay on the site longer. But staying on the site is the wrong goal because it isn’t what the customers need. They need efficiency so they can go do excellent things in their companies. Because we talked with our customers and understood their realities, we were able to make sure the website met them exactly where they are. Nothing is hidden or surprising — they can get on, complete a task or function and move on.



Frequent communication always wins

What customers experience and want can change quickly. Talking to customers frequently is a must. Getting feedback at least once a month — or even better, once a week — is usually a doable pace that lets you stay on top of what customers are doing and thinking. But because there can be practical factors that make this easier or harder for a specific business to do, a good rule of thumb is just to commit to getting feedback as often as is possible for your company. Don’t let any opportunity for interaction drop.


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Article Credit to Entrepreneur.


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