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SVI’s first bullet-resistant Toyota LC 300 offers protection from assault rifles such as the AK47, R5 and R1.


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Local armoured car experts SVI Engineering have completed their first bullet-taming Toyota Land Cruiser 300.

According to SVI Engineering the 360º B6 armouring package includes a rear bulkhead sited behind the second row, which saves on cost and mass. Compared to the outgoing Land Cruiser 200, the bulkhead has been moved further towards the rear of the vehicle, freeing space to store valuables behind the rear bench and affording occupants the option of reclining at a greater angle. An escape hatch has also been fitted.

In addition, the driver and front passenger windows can lower slightly further, while all the SUV’s driver assistance safety systems – including those relying on sensors mounted behind the windscreen – remain fully operational.



To manage the additional mass of the comprehensive array of heavy-duty armouring components (which total around 750kg), the body-on-frame SUV’s suspension has been suitably upgraded.

In terms of pricing, the new SVI Engineering Land Cruiser 300 360º B6 armouring solution starts at R981,823 (excluding VAT). Customers have the option of fitting B6 roof armour, B6 floor armour as well as heavy-duty run-flat rings. The build time is set at four months.


Main Image: Level B6 armour provides full protection against assault rifles. Image: Supplied



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Article Credit To Time LIVE Motoring.


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