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VW head says company can overtake Tesla EV Sales by 2025 as VW is trying to catch up and could soon surpass their main competition in the EV market.


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According to a report from CNBC, Diess said Volkswagen is looking to “create some momentum” in the second half of the year as supply chain pressures are forecasted to ease and the automaker anticipates a steady increase in EV production.



“Tesla currently is in the lead when it comes to EVs, probably also it is the most digital car company already and they have some advantages,” Deiss said per the report. “We are still aiming at keeping up and probably overtaking by 2025 when it comes to sales.”

Deiss said Tesla has shown that EVs can provide “good results and high returns with a credible business model,” but he also added that VW is “trying to keep up speed” and could soon catch up.



Article Credit to ADAPT Automotive.


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