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Autonomous Vehicle start-up Argo AI begins driverless testing but to achieve their objectives and become a successful business they need scale.


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Autonomous vehicle start-up Argo AI is backed by Ford and Volkswagen and has begun offering test rides in its driverless taxis in Miami and Austin.

According to a report from The Detroit News, the company began offering test rides to Argo employees only on Tuesday. The tests “will be conducted in daytime traffic on public roads” according to the report, and as of right now no safety drivers are required.



“This is about creating a technology platform that enables better ride-sharing and goods delivery services – in order to improve the lives of millions,” Argo AI executive Brett Browning said in a company blog post. “By better, we mean more affordable and accessible, safer and more enjoyable. But to achieve those objectives, we have to be a good business, and to make a good business, we need scale.”

The company also has pilot programs in operation with Lyft and Walmart. The report did not say when the company’s independent testing might reach the public market.



Article Credit to ADAPT Automotive.


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