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Nissan and NASA partner to develop EV batteries with the goal of producing a battery that will charge quicker, be lighter than current batteries and safer.


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Nissan and NASA have partnered to develop a new type of electric vehicle battery.

The new solid-state battery will replace the automaker’s current lithium-ion battery for the 2028 model year, according to a report from The Detroit News. The new battery “promises to charge quicker and be lighter yet safe” according to the automaker per the report.



When complete, the new battery will be about half the size of the current lithium-ion offering and charge in about 15 minutes. Nissan executive Kazuhiro Doi says the collaboration comes as both organizations need “the same kind of battery.”

The two organizations are partnering to test thousands of material combinations and to avoid the use of expensive materials needed for lithium-ion batteries.



Article Credit to Adapt Automotive.


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