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Americans want EVs with 500 miles of range as many Americans remain sceptical that they could make the switch to an electric car. America has spent a century building up the infrastructure to support endless nationwide road trips in gasoline-powered cars. Electric cars, with their limited range, make some buyers nervous.


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According to the 2022 Global Automotive Consumer Study published by Deloitte, Americans averaged an answer of 518 miles to the question, “How much driving range would a fully charged all-battery electric vehicle need to have in order for you to consider acquiring one?”



That is currently unsustainable in the market. The Lucid Air is the only current EV that could match that range, according to the report, and the Air costs $169,000. And it’s sold out.

Respondents cited three main hurdles to changing their minds about EV adoption: range, lack of charging infrastructure, and the higher cost of EVs.



Article Credit to FenderBender.


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