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By Ella Schulte

Rethinking SEO reporting and solve common SEO mistakes is important because regardless of a company’s size, digital marketing is on the rise.


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Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, Auto Web Tuners has been “Providing High-Performance Digital Marketing and SEO Services Perfected Over 8 Years.”

As online search experts, company president Don Miller believes his company’s core values revolve around the idea that all employees “treat our customers like they treat theirs.”

From providing a variety of services, and geofencing, to SEO information, Auto Web Tuners has no shortage of helpful tips and tricks to offer their customers.

Dominating a market isn’t always easy, but this group of individuals changes the narrative.

Monitoring, revenue growth, attention to detail, and simple and easy processes are all benefits of working with the company according to their site.

Whether shops are neglecting to upload staff bios via their site or provide substantial contact information, take a look at how to amplify relations with SEO.

Knowing where your company stands in terms of its accessibility and engagement can be an asset to both its overall success and growth.

So, let’s dive in.


Implement Effective Digital Marketing

Specifically referencing the collision repair industry, Miller suggests that shops that utilize the SEO process personalize effective digital marketing tools.

For Auto Web Tuners, each customer’s experience fulfills both their individual and holistic needs.

“We don’t do anything based off of packages or boxes,” Miller says.

Having a conversation with the client to uncover their immediate need(s) is the first step, according to Miller.

“From there, we devise a strategy to increase their revenue, so that we can offer more services,” Miller says.

He also strongly encourages companies to believe in SEO, and here’s why he does.

“There’s a lot of companies serving the collision industry that have put out reports, videos, and articles stating that they say SEO doesn’t work, but yet they offer the service,” Miller says. “So, for us, the website is the most important digital asset the customer has and if nobody is paying attention to it, no efforts are going to work.”

Not only can a properly run site establish a good sense of credibility amidst customers, but with the right tools and help, it can interest potential new clients.

Growth is huge.

According to Auto Web Tuners’ site, adding “in the word-of-mouth referrals (social media) from community advocates” is a great way to increase your ROI “exponentially.”


Ask the Right Questions

Miller’s company feels that requesting examples to back up any concerns or questions a business may have is yet another important consideration.

The process of going about creating an authoritative shop stems from marketing experts, such as those at Auto Web Tuners, who can implement advanced SEO strategies.

According to the company’s site, “SEO isn’t about reaching everyone on the internet. It’s about reaching TARGETED local consumers looking for help.”

Pairing down to a fixated group of potential or current customers can foster an authentically rare platform moving forward.


Delve Deeper into Performance Reports

As for the advice Miller would offer to anyone struggling with implementing key effective marketing strategies, he suggests one collects “reports other than analytics data.”

Being able to differentiate these two forms of information collection is a key component of SEO analysis.

While performance reporting allows for the continuous tracking of data, analytics reporting focuses on evaluating a set of specified data.

However, not knowing where or how to start implementing performance reports is a common feat within the collision repair industry.

To go about navigating the utilization of these SEO processes, square one is, of course, the perfect place to start.

“It all starts with reporting,” Miller says.


Leave No Stone Unturned 

By sending out analytics, some companies fail to feature how the performance side of their website is holding up, according to Miller.

Dissecting how the technical structure of the site is doing and is understood by search engines, in addition to delivered in search results, is key to a company’s success.

Miller feels that performance reports are also extremely important to shops trying to generate revenue.

“Most of these companies send out analytics stating they’re going to continue with what they’re doing, not knowing that what they’re doing isn’t working because they’re not paying attention to the right reporting,” Miller says.

For Auto Web Tuners, employees send out almost 400 performance reports each month, according to Miller.

“If we touch anything, it generates a report,” Miller says. “And we don’t send out analytics reports, we send out performance reports at the site.”

Employees then look at additional reports, past usage, and case studies to prove that “what they’re saying is true.”

Therefore, facts are created.

Each performance report showcases a variety of data ranging from the site’s visibility, traffic, and conversions, to the performance of the digital assets and whether any traction has been gained.

“So, none of that is actually analytics data,” Miller says.

Steering clear of such forms of data is essential to businesses looking to create traction in specific areas.


Increase Profit from Within

Unlike analytics, which only details how many visitors browse a page or website; Auto Web Tuners feels that companies need a more thorough breakdown.

Miller believes that if one fails to analyze the specifics that “then all the money that they’re spending is just delivering traffic to a site that’s not geared towards whom they’re looking for.”

Allocating funds is yet another factor businesses should deliberately consider.

Some additional important contemplations include how a company’s site content has been delivered, and what percentage of individuals are making an action when they arrive at the site.

Although specific, this data can help boost traction and sales across the board.

“Well, I can tell you a digital marketing strategy and what a lot of marketing companies are doing is implementing their campaigns without paying attention to the performance of the site,” Miller says.

Performance is key.

To Miller, websites are the most important asset regarding driving a business’s success.

“Everything else is driving traffic to the website,” Miller says. “And if they’re ignoring the performance of the site, it’s a big detriment to the shop.”

So why wait when you can create change today by committing to all SEO services have to offer?



Article Credit to FenderBender.


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