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By Jean Ginzburg 

Here is one hack that will change your Facebook ads success rate because you don’t have to quit running ads campaigns because of poor results.


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Don’t give up yet. The problem you are facing might easily be fixable.

Think of the ads that made you pause as you were scrolling on Facebook. It’s those ads that made you click “Read more” or made you buy. They spoke to you, right? Those ads seemed to know you. They hooked you in with a story that reflected your desires or needs.

How did those advertisers succeed in reaching you and identifying the problem you needed to solve with such precision?

Those ads likely found you through a special Facebook Ads feature called interest targeting. Many fail to use Facebook Ads with success because they get this part wrong.

In this post, you will learn what interest targeting is and how to use it to become a Facebook Ads pro.


Facebook Ads Interest Targeting

The biggest mistake I see people make when it comes to Facebook advertising is they test it quickly, fail to get the results they want and stop running Facebook ads.

My job is to figure out the reasons for the failure. Often, the issue is poor audience targeting. If you are not showing your offer to the right people, how can you be successful at advertising?

Approach the problem with the mind of a scientist, and you’ll likely see a difference in your advertising efforts.


Target Your Audience Correctly

To test your Facebook Ads campaign, you need to set it up properly for the test to be meaningful. You have to be very specific about who you are targeting with your ads. Many people get this wrong. They want to loop in as many people as they can, so they go broad with their audience targeting. Don’t do that.

When designing your audience, use Facebook’s interest list. It includes business and industry, entertainment, fitness and wellness, shopping, hobbies and more.


Be Specific With Your Target Market

Facebook Ads connect you to your audience. And building your audience may take a lot of time.

The first step to connect to your highly specific audience is to get familiar with your customer persona. Get to know your customers really, really well.

Let’s use running as an example of a specific target market. If you’re an advertiser and you want to target runners, you have to be specific about the interests of your target audience.

For example, you don’t want to use Usain Bolt, who won gold in the 100 meters at the Olympics a few years ago, as an interest. That’s very broad! Some people who are like him or who are interested in him may not be interested in running at all because they are interested in him as a celebrity.

Go for individuals well-known in the running community. I am talking about those who runners know all about and primarily only runners would like. For instance, you could choose Kara Goucher, Dean Karnazes or Ryan Hall. They are American runners, well-known in the U.S., and they are probably followed mostly by runners.


Blogs Are A Good Segue

To continue our example, find blogs very specific to the running community. You want to find specific blogs only runners would read. Include in your selection periodicals, such as magazines, that runners read, such as Runner’s World.

Again, be very specific. Get granular! Don’t put the generic term running as your target and interest. You might catch everyone, from those who don’t run to those doing ultra marathons.

Think about who your target audience is. Maybe it’s those who run half marathons or 5K races. These may be the people who are more likely to be interested in the specific things you offer. Just keep getting really granular until you nail your audience.


Why Facebook Targeting Is Critical In Your Ad Campaign

In any Facebook campaign, you want to target individuals, not the masses. The more personalized and granular your ad feels, the more effective it is.

To help you with your targeting, Facebook Ads offers robust analytics. You’ll see them neatly laid out in the Ads Manager. You never have to guess or make assumptions about your results. With this data, you can analyze and determine your next step.

Facebook’s targeting capabilities are beyond impressive when it comes to the degree of granularity. You may target preferences, attitudes, genders, age groups, associations, places or languages that reflect your target audience.

With proper targeting, you can get conversions and clicks for cheap. And you can easily find new leads with Facebook Ads.

Learn how to use Facebook Ads properly. Facebook Ads can amplify your content reach and help you scale your content promotion so you’ll reach more people and eventually find more success in your business.


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