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One of the main and crucial considerations when installing or converting to a new paint line is choosing the right partner, it is critical for your success.


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Like any sort of new addition or shift, the least amount of disruptions to the day-to-operations, the better. In order to aid in a quick and efficient transition, your new supplier must provide shop owners with the right products, technical support, and training needed to further grow their business.

FinishMaster’s trusted partnerships and dedicated team members provide valuable resources to shops across the country. With a state-of-the-art dispatch system and process, all preparations will be thought out and deployed, providing a smooth transition and most importantly, peace of mind during the process.

“When deciding to change paint lines, there are three things you need to consider,” Mike Gianfala, paint brand manager at FinishMaster, explains. “Is the product I am switching to going to help me become more efficient and or more profitable? Does the distributor and paint manufacturer offer me the support and value added services I need to make my business better? And prior to the install date, is there a documented plan to minimize any distractions during the change over?”


Consider the inventory and quality of the paint.

One of the top factors to consider when converting to a new paint line is, of course, cost. But if the paint line doesn’t work for your shop, any sort of lower price point won’t help to improve efficiency or quality of work. While examining the price point, also take a close look at the quality of the paint and brand, along with how accessible the products are to your shop.

Another question you should ask yourself is whether or not the paint line has the inventory you need to keep your shop running, including the right toners, clears, and hardeners. Beyond the inventory itself, also determine if your new partner is willing to help advise you on what allied products might be best to help you grow.


Determine what you require leading up to the transition.

Choosing to transition to a new paint line can be daunting, but the right partner can help you and your team prepare. Before making your decision, ensure that your partner has prepped your team. Will your team be trained during the transition, including best practices on application techniques? Will OEM certifications be provided with the new paint line? Will they be a resource to you and your staff; and will a tech rep be on standby whenever you may need them?

In order to ensure the preparation and transition is smooth, FinishMaster has a standard operating procedure for paint line conversions that help you work through a tested and proven “checklist⁠—providing a state-of-the-art dispatch system and process.


Establish what you need beyond paint. 

Any great company provides more than just their physical products. Conversations should be about paint, but also about how the distributor can help you further grow your business. Choose a partner who truly cares about your shop, and will assist in improving your marketing, updating your technology, and help you monitor spending. Your relationship should embody a trusted “partnership” throughout.

Make sure your new supplier is there to help consult you through the tough and important decisions along the way, including a transition to a new paint line by getting you the right products and services based on what you and your business needs. Focus on the details that matter, to help grow your shop and provide quality work to your customers.


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