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Hatchbacks represent the best value out of any body type in South Africa so if you are in the market, here are 10 great used hatchbacks for under R300k. Which specific variants represent your best buys depends on two factors: are your shopping based on price or popularity?


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If it is price, the Renault Kwid 1.0 Dynamique is undoubtedly top of the hatchback pops. With an average price of R122,004, an average mileage of 28,884km and an average year of registration of 2019, it is hard – if not impossible – to beat. Although having said that, one should not turn a blind eye to its less than impressive Global NCAP safety rating.

On the other hand, if the concept of owning a particularly popular car holds weight, a Volkswagen Polo Vivo or Polo Hatch derivative is your best bet. After all, the Polo Vivo was the top-selling new passenger car in SA last year (with 19,750 unit sales).

Incredibly, its sibling the Polo clocked in second in the new passenger car stakes with 16,335 sales. This is mirrored in the used vehicle data, with a Polo Vivo derivative coming up tops followed by a Polo Hatch variant.


10 Great Used Hatchbacks For Under R300,000

10 Used hatchbacks for under R300,000.
Image: Supplied


This information has been extrapolated from an examination of the most-listed hatchback variants priced at R300k and under. This information, courtesy of AutoTrader, is particularly insightful because it drills right down to the exact derivative. Incidentally, AutoTrader is the only motoring marketplace able to do this.

“We believe this is extremely important,” explains George Mienie, AutoTrader CEO.

“If you consider the Polo model, for example, there are so many variants that it would be misleading to consider factors such as average price at model level. However, when divided out down to variant level, the data is much more insightful.”

The data on value by body type also comes courtesy of AutoTrader, specifically the company’s most recent Car Industry Report (covering July to December 2020). According to that document, the intersection between price, mileage and body type reveals the hatchback continues to offer the best value for money given that, on average, it has the lowest mileage and latest year model for its price point.

Practically, this means that when shopping for a used hatch, chances are great you can land an exceptionally good deal.

“This is even more so the case if you opt for one of the hatches on our list,” says Mienie.


Main Image: The Polo and Polo Vivo, pictured, are always solid choices when shopping in the sub-R300,000 used hatch segment. Image: Supplied


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