SA motorists can now buy cars online at My.Volvo.
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Keen on purchasing a new Volvo, the Volvo online store showroom went live and SA motorists can now click on over to My.Volvo where they can buy one of the Swedish luxury car maker’s models in as little as 20 minutes without leaving home.


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The store – the first for Volvo in the Sub-Saharan Africa region – is available exclusively to South Africans. However, this is not the first time the company has dipped its toe in the online shopping arena. Volvo Cars global launched its first online sales store in 2020 as a result of stringent Covid-19 lockdown restrictions implemented around the world.

Designed to be secure and intuitive to use (there are five easy steps to follow), My.Volvo provides a complete end-to-end service, from vehicle selection and customisation right through to the final purchase agreement. Every type of buyer is catered for, whether they want to rent, finance or pay cash. Once the deal is done, customers can then choose to have the vehicle delivered to their home or they can collect their new car in person.

According to Greg Maruszewski, MD at Volvo Car SA, My.Volvo is indicative of the fact that the way people buy cars has changed.

“We have accelerated the company’s move towards online sales. In 2020, Volvo Cars more than doubled its number of cars sold online versus 2019,” he reveals.

The emphasis on online sales will continue to grow.

“Volvo’s first pure electric car, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric P8, will be coming to SA this year. It is one of a new family of electric cars to be launched in the coming years – all of which will be available online,” Maruszewski says.

He is expecting wide customer acceptance of My.Volvo.

“It makes buying a car as easy as possible without compromising on choice or safety, and it allows customers to make the purchase when it’s most convenient for them. It places our customers firmly in the driving seat when it comes to the purchasing process – and we have no doubt that they will like this,” Maruszewski concludes.


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