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By Leigh-Ann Londt 

Nobody ever wants to experience an accident, but when it does happen, here is how and when to report an accident online.


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Sadly accidents happen on a daily basis and often when least expected. Just the thought of needing to go to a police station or dealing with insurance can be stressful, right?

Not all traffic accidents need to be reported in person, according to the Road Traffic Management Corporation’s (RTMC) National Traffic Information System. However, there are certain criteria that the accident has to meet before reporting it online.

One of the points stipulates that if a crash includes a person/s being injured, killed or involved in a hit and run, it must be reported immediately to the nearest Metro, Traffic Department or SAPS police station and not online.

NATIS listed the criteria as follows:

  • The crash submission report will be legally binding.
  • An accident/crash must be reported within 24 hours or the following working day except for Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
  • The system will provide a Crash Report Number (CRN) for insurance claims to the user.
  • Only minor damage accidents/crashes will be allowed to be reported.
  • Accident/crashes involving 5 or more vehicles must be reported to the nearest South African Police Services (SAPS).
  • The information submitted can be made available to your insurance company.
  • Reporting a crash/accident is free. RTMC reserves the right to charge entities or persons to access the data at a later stage.


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