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By Leigh-Ann Londt


Have you heard of car jamming and know how it works?

Ever gone shopping or parked outside a friends house or parked somewhere in a public area, we often do not realise that we have not locked our vehicles.


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A criminal will be watching you in the distance or could be very close to you posing as a normal, innocent civilian and while you walk away from your vehicle after pushing the lock button on your car key, the criminal pushes a button preventing your vehicle from locking/arming itself.


How does it work?

When you push the lock button on your car key, it sends a signal to your vehicle to lock. Car jammer criminals block the signal from reaching your vehicle, leaving your car unlocked.

The criminal now has access to your vehicle and whatever valuables are inside.

It is safer to check all the doors of your vehicle to make sure it is locked even though you have pushed the lock button on your car key.

How could you prevent yourself from becoming a car jamming victim? Bluesecurity has provided three simple steps to teach us how to be more vigilant before walking away from our vehicles:

Hear, see and touch:

It is advisable to always listen for the specific sound that your car makes once you have locked it.

Thereafter, wait and double-check if the alarm light flashes inside to indicate that your vehicle is locked.

Physically try and open all the doors of your vehicle to make sure that it is not unlocked.

Do not be impatient because you are in a rush to get to all your destinations and make yourself a victim of car jamming.

Always be vigilant, aware and stay safe.

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