What is SEO Content Writing? We break it down for you.



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By Maini Homer


So, what is content writing exactly and why is it important for your business? It is the art of expressing ideas and thoughts into words so that they can contribute to the reader’s life. It can be about any topic including products, services, quality, etc. SEO content writing is writing and managing content in order to get a higher ranking in Search Engines. SEO refers to search engine optimization.


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What is SEO Content Writing?

When you dive into the pool you will find that there are several types of content writing. Depending on the goal and audience, web content is optimized. SEO content writing is about creating and optimizing content in order to get rankings in search engines like Google, Bing etc. The core mission of this type of content is to get more and more qualified visitors from the internet so that you can market your product or service.

Search engines use many factors before they rank any piece of content on the web. It’s essential to understand the ranking algorithm before you start to write. For example, Google uses 200 factors to rank any web page on the first page. The most important in factor is the Keyword. The keyword is a word or a phrase you will write the whole article on. So let’s dig deep into how to do proper keyword research for SEO optimized writing.


  1. Keyword Finding

Before you tackle SEO content writing, it’s crucial to search and find the trending topics in the niche you want to work in. For example, if you are going to write about “Motivation” then you needs to find out how people are interacting with this topic. For this task, you can use different tools including Google Keyword Planner. In addition to that, you can look for Google suggestions, YouTube suggestions, Google Trends, Quora and many others.


  1. Keyword Analyzing

After finding a list of keywords, it’s important to analyze them all for the number of searches they get each month. The keywords having a higher number of searches are the profitable ones. So, go through the list and select the keywords with the highest number of searches. If you are brand new, you may feel the push to select relatively less completive keywords because there will be a lower amount of people vying for those. However, my advice is, always go for the biggest ones you can. Go all in or go home!


  1. Keyword Using

After finding and analysing keywords, it’s also important to use them in a proper way. Make a proper content structure with the title with heading 1 tag, subtitle with heading 2, paragraph and lists. Use keywords in the title, subtitle, description, and within the paragraphs so that Google can easily understand the content and rank it. Also, use the keyword in post link and Image Alt text.
Tip: Always try to make long-tail keywords because they define search intent. Google uses many algorithms to understand the search intent to ensure relevant results for their users.


Important Tips for SEO Content Writing

While writing SEO content, optimize the content to take care of the following important factors.


  1. Thin Content

Your content gets ranked when it is optimized for both the search engine and the reader. Thin content means creating content only to get ranking while ignoring the reader’s value. The Google Panda Algorithm always monitors your content to ensure quality. It ranks content that is user-friendly more than search engine friendly. So, try to write quality content that adds value to the user.


  1. Keyword Spamming

Like the Google Panda Algorithm ensures content quality, The Google Hummingbird ensures keyword stuffing. To make the content search engine friendly avoid keyword spamming. Use your keywords and synonyms in a natural language so that search engines and readers both enjoy it.


Types of SEO Content Writing

There are many types of SEO content. Some of the important types are.
1. Product/Service page:
2. Articles
3. Blogs
4. Guides
6. Videos
7. Slides


How to Develop an Effective SEO Content Strategy?

This is the most important part of SEO content writing. Many people blindly write content and upload on the internet hoping they will get massive traffic. This is one of the biggest reasons they get frustrated. Making a clear SEO strategy and defining clear goals for your content is more important than writing it.

Either you have a product, business or service that you want to promote, right? So you must define clear goals first. These goals include brand awareness through massive traffic, lead generation or sales. These goals you set will give you a clear idea of what type of content you have to compile.

After defining the goals, do some research about your audience interests. You don’t want everyone reading your content on the internet so target your writing only for those who will benefit. To get higher rankings on Google share your content on other platforms as well. Social media, guest blogging, Q&A forums, and other publishing websites can help you to grow your rankings.


Let’s Wrap This Up

SEO content writing is an important type of content writing. It’s about writing content that can satisfy the reader as well as a search engine. For better rankings in Google, you need to take care of certain factors such as keyword research. Moreover, it also important to make a clear SEO strategy for your SEO content writing.


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