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Tesla hasn’t been that great when it comes to service. And until now the company had no service for cars that had an accident. But that has finally changed. On 29th Jan, Tesla announced that they would offer collision repairs in their service centers. This comes after the promise made by Elon Musk in 2018 regarding the same. So, now Tesla owners won’t have to resort to 3rd party shops in order to get their Tesla body fixed.

Details about the “Collision repair.”

Tesla makes a lot of money providing service for their cars. This amounted to about $678 million in Q4 2020. So, its no doubt why the company is increasing the range of its service. From now on, users can fix scratches, dents, axle damage, suspension everything in the official Tesla service center itself. Service becomes an integral part of any car company as they grow bigger. And the fact that Tesla’s growth is taking place at a huge pace is an indication of their increased focus on the same.

Tesla’s increased focus on service

In the Q4 earnings call, Tesla was asked about what the company is doing to improve its service? The executives have also complained that the service has deteriorated from the past, which is a concern. To this, Tesla said that the best service is having to provide no service at all. According to their estimates, the average number of visits in their service centers have become 1/3rd. And their primary goal is to improve the quality and reliability of their car, so they can reach their goal of no service.

Tesla also offers mobile service, in which a mechanic goes to the customer’s house to fix their car. And this accounts for 40% of their entire service. The company also plans to invest and take this to 50% by the end of 2021. Additionally, the company also advised that customers book service appointments through the Tesla app. This is because the service center simply won’t take normal calls, and using the app is much more convenient and makes the process a lot smoother.

If the company is able to fix its service and quality-related issues with its cars, they can stand toe-to-toe with premium car manufacturers like BMW and Porsche. So, it is great that the company is taking this part seriously.

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