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By Stella Lincoln

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Without a doubt, SEO has evolved significantly over the past years, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed – backlinks as an important SEO ranking factor.

As per the latest backlinks stats, more than 55% of total webpages contains 0 backlinks pointing to the site.

What are backlinks exactly? What they can do for you?

They are basically incoming links from other websites to your website. When site owners link a webpage to other pages, a backlink is created.

The key to success is to get backlinks from quality sites. These backlinks can help uplift your Google ranking and increase referral traffic.

Are you getting so many backlinks on a regular basis but not seeing good traffic?

Previously, backlinks were the only major metric that search engines use for site ranking. To put it simply, if you have so many links, you’ll tend to get a top position on the Google page. This was true to a large extent.

There was a time when even poor quality links improve rankings. But ever since search engine giant Google announced the Penguin algorithm for filtering out search results, the whole landscape for SEO backlinking has changed.

Check out these five terrific ways to earn tons of quality backlinks for your website (without begging)

You can use the following methods to create backlinks for your site.


1. Guest blogging

It is the most common way to get backlinks to your site. In this method, you write as a guest for robust blogs.

According to a study, brands that engage in blogging gets 97% better backlinks to their webpages. Considering this fact, the first thing you need to do is search for good guest blogging sites.

You can also try certain relevant keyword in the search bar to get the desired result such as:

  • Write for us
  • Contribute
  • Editorial Guidelines
  • Submit an article/ post
  • Guest Post Guidelines

You can also search within the targeted sites.

For example, if you run a small digital marketing agency, you could make a list of sites that offer related services like website development or blogs. Browse their site and see if they are offering guest blogging opportunities.

A pro tip is ensuring that you only pick websites with high domain authority. There are multiple free tools available online that can help you with this.

Write valuable content

You need to make sure that the content you produce is valuable and unique for the target audience of the website.


2. Broken Link Building

What is it?

Broken link building, also known as ‘dead link building’ is an old tactic in which the broken link is replaced with a working link. The backlinks are created by simply replacing the links to 404 pages with a link pointing to your website.

It is a super effective and successful method to earn backlinks because nobody wants dead links on their webpages. In fact, they lead to frustration and bad user experience.

This means that when you inform sites ‘you have a bad link’, they’ll happily replace them (this is the ideal situation).

Simple outreaching tips to get the broken link fixed and earn some great backlinks for your site:

1. Reach out to the right website

To reach out to the right websites, you need to make some effort. Most people do this: use the outreach software and let the software send automatic emails to the sites.

This is a key reason why so many sites fail with broken link building. It would make sense to reach out to the CEO of the company (it is only appropriate when the company is small).

You can easily found their email address through Twitter or Google.

2. Send a sweet email

Send them a short and simple outreach email and tell them the issue and your intention. Here is a shortlist of things that your outreach email should always contain:

  • Name of the recipient.
  • The URL of the broken link.
  • Tell them the exact location of the broken link.
  • Recommend an appropriate replacement for the broken link.
  • Provide logical reasoning as to why your suggested link is suitable.

See the following example and take some inspiration.

3. Take one or two follow-ups

A lot of people don’t receive a reply to their email. That’s OK.

Send a follow-up. They might get busy or forgot about you. ‘

Again, don’t be pushy; remind the recipient about the matter politely. Here’s a sample.


3. Infographics

This year, break the monotony of written context by using infographics. In fact, there are some compelling reasons to do this. Retain visual information is easier.

According to the latest findings, visuals can increase viewer attention span by 82% and the recall rate for the information they see in visuals by 65%.

There are some effective tips to get backlinks from infographics:

a) Pick an eye-catching design

Colorful media visuals are sometimes the eye-candy for the human eye.

You can find so many professional template inspirations online that let you design infographics in a variety of shapes and sizes that make them appealing.


b) Add stats, new findings, and facts

Visual context lets you represent important information in a condensed package that is easy to read and understand. Isn’t it amazing?

Plus, you can use tons of important stats and key facts without overloading your readers. This is indeed the beauty of infographics.

c) Outreach and promotion

Just like other content types, your infographics need to be promoted. Two popular sources that you can use to make your infographics go viral are email outreach and social media platforms.

d) Add your logo and an embed code
  • How would site owners put your infographics on their site?
  • How would the world know that you are the original creator?

You need to add an embed code somewhere or provide a download option. Make sure that you put your logo on the top of the infographic so even if you don’t get the backlink, your website your brand gets exposure around the web.


4. Video Content

Videos are everywhere, and they are important.

More than 70% of customers prefer to watch video content throughout their buying journey. What is more, the demand for video will be doubled by 2022. 51% of marketers say that video content provides the best returns.

By using videos, you can achieve the visual interest of customers and get more backlinks. Just like infographics, you can deliver more information in less time.

A lot of content creators have now realized that creating high-quality content like videos can help them getting quality links. Here are some best practices when using videos for getting backlinks for your site.

  • Getting started:

To ensure that your content gets maximum links to do enough research. Find out:

  • Which video content people like?
  • Which videos get more likes and shares?
  • What your competitors are doing?
  • Use keywords:

Keywords are still a major element when it comes to optimizing video content after video verification.

Make sure you add relevant keywords (keeping in mind user intent) in the title, description, or tags. This makes it easier for bots to understand the context of the video.

Pro-tip: Your keywords should look natural. The more accurate your keywords are, the more opportunities for you to get backlinks.

  • Social links:

Online networking forums such as blogs and social platforms that feature helpful content related to your video is really a great way to get backlinks. Make sure the content is valuable or contain some technical or educational information.

You can submit a video to social platforms or video streaming websites. You can also get backlinks by commenting on other videos. You can also set up your own account on a video site such as YouTube. By doing this, you can confidently add links to your site.


5. Blog Commenting

You can get powerful backlinks with blog commenting. In this method, you simply use the comment section for relationship building in your targeted industry, such as with other bloggers and audience.

In a common comment backlink case, you leave a common on someone else’s blog and create a backlink for your site, which results in high traffic.

Some tips to follow:

  • Don’t comment forcefully—only comment when you have something valuable to contribute to the discussion.
  • Be regular because it is more about building affecting relationships.
  • Don’t take the credit of other’s work. Always include the Twitter handle of the person who wrote the content. See the example below:


Getting ready for the results

You might be thinking all of the methods require a lot of time and energy. Well, that’s true. If you really want to get good backlinks you need to put some efforts. But trust me, once you get to know how to do it, the process becomes easier for later.


The bottom line

Getting backlinks is just like getting social proof for your authenticity and credibility. When Google analyzes your site and found robust quality links providing back to your content, it realizes that you are trustworthy.

Now’ if you already know the best methods to get backlinks, which one or two you find the most useful? Tell us in the following comment section.

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