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By John Huetter

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Imagination, manufacturer of the more consumer-oriented BlueDriver scanning device noted “asTech is now the only company in the world that has both aftermarket / quick-scan and full OEM diagnostic scanning and calibration capabilities,” Repairify, which does business under the asTech brand, wrote in a news release Tuesday.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed except for the announcement Root Four CEO Maurice Tuff would become asTech’s chief technology officer.

“I am ecstatic to be joining the Repairify team and optimistic that the combination of BlueDriver, asTech, and their technologies will further enable us to deliver superior diagnostic solutions to our global customers,” Tuff said in a statement.

The asTech hardware connects vehicles to OEM scan tools housed remotely at asTech. This allows a professional repairer to scan a variety of models using the relevant official OEM tools without actually having to own all of those individual devices. AsTech also provides remote repair support to the shop as well.

BlueDriver, in contrast, is marketed on its website as a tool for a DIYer or “automotive enthusiast,” though its App Store listing also describes usage by “professional mechanics.”

BlueDriver scanning tool application

Sold for $99.95 and popular on Amazon, BlueDriver consists of an OBD-II dongle which connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone running the BlueDriver app. It can clear codes, be used to order parts, and will suggest solutions to DTCs from a database of technician-verified repairs, according to asTech.

“asTech has always remained committed to providing customers with accurate diagnostic services and the BlueDriver® tool offers our customers a quality, trusted and easy-to- use diagnostic solution,” Repairify President Cris Hollingsworth said in a statement. “asTech believes there will continue to be strong demand for aftermarket diagnostic solutions and is confident that the integration of BlueDriver will further enable us to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop for vehicle diagnostic, calibration, and remote programming services,”

BlueDriver represents asTech’s ninth acquisition and parent private equity firm Kinderhook’s 99th automotive-related deal. Kinderhook bought asTech in 2015.

“BlueDriver is a highly strategic acquisition and allows asTech to augment its service offering with aftermarket diagnostic capabilities,” Paul Cifelli, managing director of asTech owner Kinderhook Industries, said in a statement. “The addition will assist asTech in executing on its global multi- tier tool strategy and expand its offering in the automotive repair ecosystem into mechanical, whole auction, fleet, retail, and eCommerce markets.”

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The BlueDriver OBD-II dongle is shown. The device connects to an app with Bluetooth. (Provided by asTech)

The BlueDriver OBD-II app is shown. (Provided by asTech)

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