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CRA Entrepreneurship Explored – USA

By Reena Khullar Sharma

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Entrepreneurship is characterized by creativity and personality. An entrepreneur’s distinctive professional and personal experiences will coincide as goals are determined and a profitable business strategy developed. To gain momentum, entrepreneurs recognize that being nimble and innovative is a priority, and agility will drive competitive advantage.

Being curious about and open to new ways to improve your product and service delivery means changing your approach and being more readily accepting of unprecedented change, embracing opportunities and adapting to new circumstances and situations. As a result, agility and entrepreneurship are interdependent, as entrepreneurs aim to define, stimulate and advance their purpose, progress and profitability, respectively.


Define the short and long-term goals for your business and how these align to your core values. Goal setting offers opportunities for self-reflection and insight into personal experiences that also support professional growth. Remaining open-minded and agile in the decisions you make for clients and in your overall business strategy are also reflections of your personality — showcasing the values that are important to you as an individual.

When considering what you have accomplished and what you continue to pursue, both time and creativity are reflected in your choices along this path. Agility is developed as you create new paths and new choices for yourself both personally and professionally. Your purpose is defined through thoughtful consideration of how you choose to spend your time and the creative delivery of your solutions. This is a reflection of your personality and the experiences that define your personal entrepreneurial style.


Tracking your short- and long-term goals forces you to be agile in your decision making and product delivery. Recognizing what is working, and what may require a change, supports you in creating new goals that better align to your purpose. When reflecting on your experience and the skills acquired through your entrepreneurial venture, track what complements both your business strategy and your personal goals, and stimulate momentum through discussions.

Requesting transparent feedback from clients, peers, mentors or family members on your progress is important so that you gain self-awareness about the impact your actions have on your business, clients and yourself. Stimulating your progress requires entrepreneurs to remain agile in the decisions made for business profitability and for clients’ solution delivery. 


Commit to researching current trends in the industries your business supports, and apply knowledge of these trends to your delivery in order to add value to your solutions and your business’ profitability. Entrepreneurs offer unique and individualized products, which requires an agile mindset toward innovation in order to gain and keep a competitive advantage. Analyze current workforce trends in differing industries, as these changes might affect the outcome of many entrepreneurs’ products due to the fluctuating demand for services from clients.

Agility in product evolution and creativity, as determined by your purpose, forces entrepreneurs to meet the market where it’s at. Advancing profitability for your business requires commitment to your purpose and recognizing the progress you are making toward your short- and long-term goals. This will allow you to change focus if required in order to sustain, and eventually advance, your profitability. 

Defining purpose, stimulating progress and advancing profitability is a strategy that awards entrepreneurs a competitive advantage in all economic markets. Agility is an emerging trait that is becoming requisite for everyone to adopt and practice in both professional and personal circumstances.

For successful entrepreneurial ventures, agility and entrepreneurship become interdependent when challenged with unprecedented situations and a fluctuating economy. As a result, entrepreneurs can determine their path and set goals toward success based on self-reflection and developing agility as a core characteristic.

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