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CRA Leadership & Business Marketing Explored – USA 

By Henry DeVries

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In everyday speech, exponential growth means runaway expansion. Math class taught us that compound interest, population increase, or radioactive decay are all applications of exponential functions. Exponential growth is the opposite of slow and steady wins the race. 

Justin Breen preaches the gospel of exponential growth.

“I started my company with zero business experience, didn’t know what an LLC was, still don’t know what S-Corp means, didn’t know you had to pay taxes four times a year, and never had heard the word entrepreneur,” says Breen. “Now I’m CEO of a global company that only works with the top-mindset businesses and brands in the world.”

Breen is CEO of the PR firm BrEpic Communications and author of the bestselling book, Epic Business. He is an extremely active member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Strategic Coach, Secret Knock and ProVisors, and he has an incredible global network of visionaries and exceptional businesses.

Here are some of the top business development growth secrets he has learned since founding his company in 2017:

Find your superpowers. “The main reason BrEpic has taken off faster than I could ever have possibly imagined is that I only do what I like to do best and what I’m good at. In other words, I focus entirely on my superpowers, which are connecting visionaries on a global level and earning clients major mainstream media appearances on a global level. I work exactly zero hours every week because none of this is work for me.”

Partner with people who look at things as investments, not costs. When someone asks what do you charge or what do you cost with in the first five to ten minutes of a conversation, it’s an immediate disqualifier from being in my network or being a BrEpic client. That’s because they are looking at things strictly in a transactional way – not in a relationship and/or partnership way. When someone asks: ‘What does an investment with you and your firm look like,’ this is music to my ears. There is a critical, vital difference between hearing the words cost versus investment.”

Network equals net worth. “Having the right mindset attracts the right network. I only partner with people who have visionary, investment, abundance mindset. Those are the folks who are running the top companies in the world, or the ones who will be one day. My company is essentially a giant incubator of geniuses with the right mindset, and they are constantly introducing me to others with investment, visionary, abundance mindset.”

Be a joiner. “Join ultra-high-level groups like Strategic Coach, Abundance 360 and Entrepreneurs’ Organization: The three groups mentioned are among the top in the world. They include tens of thousands of visionaries – almost all of them look at things as investments, not costs, and almost all of them live in abundance, not scarcity. The groups weed out all the wrong-fit people and clients. When you are in groups, everything is collaborative, and entrepreneurs rise together.”

Confidence is much different than arrogance. “Top level entrepreneurs are extremely confident in their superpowers. That attracts other confident people. Entrepreneurs are not arrogant – thinking they are great at everything. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. They know they are actually not great at almost everything – I’m terrible at almost everything – and they either hire, outsource or simply don’t do everything they aren’t exceptional at.”

The bottom line for Breen is to embrace the future. “I’m a futurist, meaning things I said years ago are happening now.”

Article Credit to Forbes.