CRA Business Strategy – USA

By Reena Khullar Sharma 

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A fresh approach to establishing a new company begins with an optimistic mindset, followed by a strategic plan. Establishing your market position as an entrepreneur requires insight into your leadership style and characteristics, as well as an awareness of your personal brand and its position in the market. Having a solid business strategy that is aimed to define, stimulate and advance your company’s purpose, progress and profitability is also a key aspect of entrepreneurial success. 

Outlining and developing these pillars will highlight your organization’s value proposition and create brand awareness for a competitive advantage.


Authenticity is an important leadership trait when you are launching a new company as a sole proprietor. Leaders who exhibit courage in sharing their own professional and personal experiences will make a connection with clients and advance the opportunity for securing more work. 

Clients value authenticity and long-term relationships with an organization, but also desire to connect with the people delivering their solution. A positive mindset builds optimism, which reflects in your energy. Showcase your talent and credibility through storytelling, and share both successes and losses with pride. This will help guide your clients toward your service or product, while also offering transparency and accountability. 

Entrepreneurs are often encouraged to take risks to learn quickly, while pivoting and adjusting their vision and strategy based on what they learn. This agility and resilience includes making difficult decisions with limited information and being prepared to lead your organization and your clients through the outcomes that arise based on these quick decisions.

Embracing vulnerability is also essential, as you must recognize that not all decisions will lead to the desired outcome. Offer a relationship to your clients based on integrity and respect, and both current and prospective clients will always remember your value proposition.


You can build your brand by leading with your story and focusing on your product. You can also tap into a wider audience by using online marketing and social media to grow your networks and showcase your services and products. Capturing the interest of potential clients by highlighting a solution that is unique to your brand will result in securing you a competitive advantage.

Share your knowledge as a subject matter expert, because words are a powerful opportunity to win the hearts of your clients. When we present authentically through our words, we persuade and have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. You will become a stronger marketer and a more capable business owner as a result.

To showcase your service or product, demonstrate your skill in delivering a solution. Clients seek solutions and are interested in working with entrepreneurs and businesses that offer agility in creation and delivery of a solution.


You should develop a business strategy with the key objectives of defining, stimulating and advancing your company’s purpose, progress and profitability. Implementing these strategies is the most effective way to move your business forward. 

Successful entrepreneurs build a strategy where core purpose, dedicated progress and growing profitability are the main focal points. Identifying and honing in on these business outcomes will help align your services or products to the right target audience. Especially when entering a competitive market, a business strategy should be nimble in order to combat unprecedented economic challenges. 

Focus on developing a strategy that highlights your company’s services or products through execution of successful client projects. This includes showcasing your talent or team’s skill with solution discovery and delivery. Illustrate your personal brand in your marketing materials, and demonstrate your competitive advantage through your personality and leadership characteristics.

Entrepreneurs will benefit from planning for the longer term. Developing and sustaining the pillars (people, business, strategy) surrounding a solid business model will strengthen a company’s ability to combat disruption and unexpected challenges. Once you define and develop your organization’s pillars, and ensure that your people and leadership goals are aligned, your organization will be positioned for successful long-term growth and sustainability.

Credit to Forbes.