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We look at the most popular used cars in South Africa as per new data published by, including how much South Africans pay for used cars.


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“Looking at our headline numbers, most South African car buyers are still searching for cars priced in the R200,000 to R300,000 bracket,” said consumer experience manager Hannes Oosthuizen. reported that the average price of a used car enquiry worked out to R236,900 in 2021, higher than the average in 2020.

The bracket between R200,000 and R300,000 accounted for 20.6% of enquiries submitted on during 2021, with the segment for cars priced between R150,000 and R200,000 with a share of 16.34%.

The R300,000 to R399,000 segment made up 11.82% of enquiries, indicating that higher-price segments have grown compared to 2020.

According to Oosthuizen, mileage appears less of a concern for consumers. The segment of vehicles with a mileage of between 100,000 and 194,999km garnered 20.33% of all enquiries on during 2021, at an average of 109,600km.

“In terms of vehicle age, the overwhelming bulk of enquiries were for vehicles first registered between 2014 and 2018, with vehicles from 2017 slightly edging out the other model years with a share of 8.7%.”



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A vehicle about three years old, with a mileage of just over 100,000km and priced at around R240,000, remains the used car ‘sweet-spot’, Oosthuizen said.


Top models

“It is worth noting that more than 800 individual model types were listed for sale on last year, but the top 100 accounts for about 80% of all inquiries submitted,” said Oosthuizen.

The Nissan NP200 was the best performer and went up five places to 10th, while the Ford Fiesta fell from 10th to 12th in 2021.


Here are the top 10 used car models in South Africa according to

Model Percentage of enquiries
Volkswagen Polo 6.54%
Toyota Hilux 5.28%
Ford Ranger 3.68%
BMW 3 Series 3.39%
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 3.32%
Volkswagen Polo Vivo 3.24%
Volkswagen Golf 2.78%
Toyota Fortuner 2.12%
Toyota Corolla 1.63%
Nissan NP200 1.52%


Top brands

Based on overall enquiries through, premium brands are dropping in popularity as newer car brands gain traction in the used space.

“Most South Africans are loyal to established names, but there are signs that the German premium brands are receding, while Chinese brand Haval is on the rise,” said Oosthuizen.

Haval climbed from 30th most favourite brand in South Africa in 2020, to 22nd in 2021, while Suzuki moved from 17th to 15th. stressed that model and brand rankings change slowly as newly launched vehicles take time to reach the used market as often older models, that are used to sell in large numbers when new, can remain popular for a very long time.

This was seen with Chevrolet where they left the local market in 2017 but still rank 10th in terms of enquiries on, mostly due to the sustained popularity of its utility pick-up in the used market.


Here are the top 10 used car brands in South Africa 2021:

Model Percentage of enquiries
Volkswagen 17.68%
Toyota 16.13%
Ford 9.28%
BMW 8.08%
Mercedes-Benz 7.71%
Hyundai 5.79%
Nissan 4.81%
Audi 4.68%
Kia 3.06%
Chevrolet 2.44%


Main Image: VW Polo



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Article Credit To BusinessTech Motoring.


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