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We look at the best-selling bakkies in South Africa right now, with pricing, as the market continues to gain traction in the early part of 2022.


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New sales data from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) shows this trend.

Chief executive officer of Naamsa, Mikel Mabasa, said that aggregate domestic new vehicle sales in February 2022, at 44,229 units, reflected an 18.4% increase of 6,860 units from the 37,369 vehicles sold at the same time last year.

“Export sales, encouragingly, also recorded an increase of 12.3% from last year with 32,867 units being exported.”

Mabasa stressed that the sale of light commercial vehicles, bakkies and mini-buses in particular increased by 9.4% from last year with a total of 12,290 units sold.

in the pick-up market, Toyota Hilux still reigns supreme, with 3,503 units sold domestically in February. Isuzu D-Max with 1,401 units sold continued its good run, while the single cab Nissan NP200 was third, given its enticing price point, and value for money.

Isuzu is set to launch its next-generation D-Max bakkie in the coming months, as is Ford with an all-new Ranger – including an updated exterior, which is likely to shake up the sales market.



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Here are the top-selling bakkies in South Africa for February:


Toyota Hilux 
  • Price: Double cab from R465,200 , single cab from R316,800.
  • 3,503 units sold in February.


Isuzu D-Max
  • Price: Double cab from R424,900 , single cab from R328,400.
  • 1,401 units sold in February.


Nissan NP200
  • Price: Single cab from R199,900
  • 1,020 units sold in February.


Ford Ranger
  • Price: Double cab upwards of R408,700 , single cab from R333,700.
  • 879 units sold in February.


Mahindra Scorpio Pik-Up
  • Price: Double cab from R363,999, single cab from R222,999.
  • 766 units sold in February.


GWM P-Series
  • Price: Double cab from R409,900, single cab from R359,900.
  • 623 units sold in February.


GWM Steed
  • Price: Double cab from R324,900 , single cab from R241,900.
  • 526 units sold in February.


Nissan Navara
  • Price: Double cab from R489,900, single cab from R324,900.
  • 476 units sold in February.


Toyota Land Cruiser PU
  • Price: Double cab from R747,500 , single cab from R659,900.
  • 244 units sold in February.


Hyundai H100 Bakkie
  • Price: Single cab from R311,900.
  • 242 units sold in February.



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