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Here are the new toll fees for South Africa from March as announced by the South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) for the country’s major highways.


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The tariffs are adjusted annually in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as obtained from Statistics South Africa (Stats SA). The CPI percentage that was applied to determine the new tariffs is 5%, as published in the Government Gazettes of 11 February 2022, the agency said.

Toll monies are used to maintain, operate and improve toll roads, as well as to service debt incurred to implement a toll road project, said Vusi Mona, Sanral’s general manager of communications.

“The funds go a long way to ensuring that the roads agency fulfils its mandate of delivering quality road infrastructure that adds value to South African citizens.

“We are counting on the public to support us in this endeavour because without this key alternative source of funding, we would not be able to carry out some of our major works,” he said.

Mona said economic infrastructure such as the national road network is a precondition for providing basic services such as electricity, water, sanitation, telecommunications and public transport, and it needs to be robust and extensive enough to meet industrial, commercial and household needs.

“The roads agency sympathizes with the South African public considering the current state of the economy. However, it’s equally important to introduce the adjustments to ensure that it continues to deliver quality roads and services to the benefit of the public,” said Mona.

The updated fees, as detailed in Sanral’s fee booklet, are presented below.



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