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This calculator shows you how much it really costs to drive in South Africa, developed by TopAuto, the new driving cost calculator makes it easy to work out how much you pay in fuel and toll fees driving between two towns or cities.


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To calculate the total driving cost, users have to fill in three fields – their starting point, their destination, and their vehicle.

The calculator then provides the user with detailed information for their trip, including:

  • The distance to their destination;
  • How long the journey will take;
  • The fuel cost;
  • How much they have to pay in toll fees;
  • The total cost of the trip.


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The fuel cost is calculated using the stated fuel consumption of the person’s vehicle, as provided by the manufacturer.

The website was developed by Broad Media Multimedia manager Weich Malan, who started it as a personal project to see how much his trip from Johannesburg to Durban would cost.

After trying to figure out whether it would be more affordable to drive or fly, Malan decided to build an online calculator to make it easy to work this out. He expanded the project to include all vehicles and has now made the platform available for free on TopAuto, for all South African motorists to use.

You can access the TopAuto Driving Cost Calculator here.



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