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Today we look at the top 10 most sought-after used cars in South Africa including prices and milage.


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New data from AutoTrader reveals that the average mileage of second-hand cars sold on its platform was 70,429km, for an average model of 2016, at an average price of R312,794.

The study – which covers January to December 2021 – shows that the Volkswagen Golf GTI has historically been the most viewed variant and remained the top searched variant in 2021 with over 3.2 million searches.

But, early in 2021 for a short period, this changed to the Toyota Hilux 2.8GD-6 (the GTI ranked second). The most searched for model last year (4.3% of all searches), was also the Toyota Hilux (it accounted for 22,8 million searches).

Yet another important variation versus 2020 was the increased number of searches for electric vehicles (EVs), the AutoTrader Car Industry Report showed.

In total, over 540,000 searches of EVs were conducted in 2021, indicating an increase of over 110% year-on-year. As more electric vehicles get introduced into the market, AutoTrader recorded searches for the Porsche Taycan increased by over 900% last year while I-Pace searches rose by 62%.

Specific Body-Type searches rose substantially in 2021 – by 27% to over 102 million. This is indicative of consumers being more inclined to search for a preferred body-type and it’s also influenced by more brands having released various shapes of the “same” model, said AutoTrader.

For example, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Audi A3 are both available as a hatchback or sedan while the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux come in both single, extended and double-cabs.


Graph showing the percentage used car sales per vehicle type


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The top enquired on Model was the Toyota Hilux, which within the top 10, generated 5.6% of all enquiries. The top 10 most enquired on models contributed 30% of all enquiries on AutoTrader.

Volkswagen Polo generated the second most enquiries with 4.3% share and moved up one position since the mid-year report. Ford Ranger which was the top sold used car in the 2020 annual Report generated 4.1% share of all enquiries but moved down one position since the mid-year report.

In 2021, the top 3 most enquired on brands were Toyota (14.9%), Volkswagen (14.1%) and BMW (10.6%), these have stayed the same during the full 12 month period. Together, these top 3 brands generated over 39.6% of all buying Intent by consumers – in 2020, the same brands had 38.2%.


Top 10 used car sales figures per vehicle type


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Article Credit to BUSINESSTECH.


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