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By Leila

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Refuel, a new smartphone app, will bring the petrol station right to your door so you can avoid having to stop over at the petrol station.

The idea for this new business aims to save you time by making it possible to refuel right where you are. 

“We save you time and money by not having to find a fuel station but rather refuelling while sitting at your desk. Additionally, the unfortunate reality is that fuel stations are a growing crime hot spot, so bringing the fuel to you, your risk is significantly reduced!” say the company on their website.

While this theoretically can be done at your home, the initial idea was to offer the service in office complexes, to serve those while they work.

The company brings along a petrol tank truck, with the ability to pump fuel straight into your car rather than transferring it to a fuel station.

They work from Monday-Friday across three time-slots and booking is as easy as downloading their app and setting up a profile.

It also isn’t as costly as you’d expect. The company charges the same price for fuel as petrol stations do, but adds on a R20 service charge, much like other on-demand services like Uber.

The app is available on both iOS and Android.

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Article Credit to Woman On Wheels.