New research has unveiled what it takes to have the perfect road trip (Image: Getty Images)

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By Julie Delahaye

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Brits’ dream road trips include scenic views, great road trip music and no more than three passengers according to new research.

What makes for the perfect road trip?

Well, according to new research it’s breathtaking views, a brilliant playlist, and no more than three people in the car.

Those were the top factors chosen by Brits in the study commissioned by Honda.

This year has proven particularly popular for road-trippers, especially those who were keen to explore some of the UK (restrictions permitting). It looks like three really is the magic number too, with the optimal trip involving no more than three passengers, three stops en-route and a journey time under three hours.

Scenic views were also a must on the list, with 77% of respondents admitting they would choose a longer route if it was more scenic compared to a shorter journey on the motorway.

So, what are the key factors in creating the ultimate road trip? We take a look at the top highlights below…

1. Good views

Good views and music are key to a great road trip (Image: Alamy Stock Photo)

Unsurprisingly, scenic views were a must on the list, with 77% of respondents admitting they would choose a longer route if it was more scenic compared to a shorter journey on the motorway.

Sea views, mountainside drives and picturesque countryside were particularly popular. The good news? There are some seriously beautiful routes in the UK sure to fit the bill.

2. Three passengers

According to the study, the optimal number of people in the car is three. Who you travel with is important too. Two thirds of people chose their partner as an ideal companion, while a quarter said they’d want to share the experience with their kids.

(Parents may want to check out these helpful tips including how to keep your kids entertained on long drives, and the essentials to pack).

3. A good playlist

Scenic views can make all the difference on a drive (Image: Getty Images)

56 songs that make a good sing-along, to be exact. Pop, rock and hip-hop were the top music genres of choice according to those polled.

Have you got a go-to driving song? Let us know in the comments below.

4. Regular breaks

Taking regular breaks is important if you’re the driver, but there are also other benefits to stopping en-route. Nice views, a chance to eat some food or even take a short walk were some of the most popular options chosen by the road-trippers.

5. The car’s features

The Honda Jazz Crosstar (Image: Honda)

Some features can make all of the difference on a long drive. A spacious boot, good air-con and a Sat-Nav that works were all deemed important factors in helping to make a road trip that little bit smoother of a journey.

A spokesperson for Honda said: “Road trips are always an exciting adventure, whether going for a long weekend, a holiday or to visit friends and family. A journey doesn’t have to just be straight down a motorway or include backseat bickers, it’s great to see what the nation feel their ‘dream’ trip would include, in an ideal world.

“When embarking on a longer journey, it’s vital that your car meets your needs and makes the drive an enjoyable experience. The new Honda Jazz Crosstar is ideal for exploring more of the UK, with versatile Magic Seats to optimise storage space, as well as waterproof upholstery – one of the many features which make the car perfect for an active lifestyle.”

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