CRA Vehicle Maintenance Explored – South Africa

 By Ntsako Mthethwa 

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Both plans have a limited time, however, buyers can extend them.

A service plan as well as a maintenance plan are there to ensure that your vehicle ownership experience is smooth and memorable.

They both provide peace of mind when the need to service or maintain your car arises but how do they differ?

Service plan

A service plan normally lasts for 3 to 5 years or more and its duration is also dependant on the kilometres. For example, Ford offers its Everest SUV with a six-year/90 000km service plan.

A service plan covers parts and labour when it’s time to service the vehicle. Parts such as clutch, exhaust, globes, brake pads and shocks are not covered by a service plan.

Maintainance plan

A maintenance plan will take care of you when it comes to wear and tear and mechanical failures.

In conclusion, both plans have a limited time, however, buyers can extend them through contacting their respective vehicle manufacturer.  

Article Credit To Roodepoort Record.