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By Kabous le Roux

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Motoring journalist Ciro de Siena discusses a few easy-to-maintain, reliable pre-owned cheapies for under R80 000.

Every Wednesday, Pippa Hudson asks motoring journalist Ciro de Siena to answer listeners’ questions related to cars.

Considering the state of the economy, this week’s question is bound to be of interest to many.

Listener’s question:

What is the best car to buy for R80 000, or less?

De Siena’s answer:

You’d have to go used, and almost certainly older than five years. It might be easier to say what not to buy!

Statistically, you’re better off in a Japanese or Korean car. We’ve got tons of data on that. The reliability is just superior. You’re looking at Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Suzuki, Hyundai and Kia.

Something like a Hyundai i10, a Toyota Yaris, a Suzuki Swift – the 1.2 GA is the model I’d look at; and the Kia Picanto.

Fairly old and high mileage, but relatively easy to maintain and reliable compared to the rest of the market.

For more detail, listen to the audio interview here [Skip tp to 4:19].

Article Credit To Cape Talk.