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The Toyota Etios has the cheapest “crash parts”. The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews consumer journalist Wendy Knowler.

“The industry follows this very keenly…” – Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

“It’s worth going on to the AA’s website and having a look at the numbers…” – Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

The Datsun GO is the cheapest car to service or repair in South Africa, according to the 2019 AA Kinsey Report.

It has won this title every year since its launch in South Africa.

Extended warranties and service plans make the price of service and repair parts less relevant for owners of relatively new cars, says consumer journalist Wendy Knowler.

Crash parts, however, have a significant impact on all car owners.

The cheapest basket of crash parts in South Africa are those of the Toyota Etios.

Toyota scored another win with its Corolla Quest, which had the cheapest basket of crash parts in the “Family Favourites” category.

Spare a thought for the “poor” BMW X5 owners; they drive the car with the most expensive basket of crash parts on the market.

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Knowler.

Listen to the interview here and scroll down for more quotes from it.

“Overall, the Korean cars mostly haven’t done terribly well…” – Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

“There’s been a remarkable increase in the parts baskets [in the past 18 months] …” – Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

“When the cost of the repair reaches 70% of the value of your car, it’s written off…” – Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

“The Toyotas have come out looking pretty good…” – Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

“The Honda Civic rim is R35 000 for one!” – Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

Article Credit To Cape Talk.