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By Motor Trade News

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives in almost every form, especially when it comes to traveling. A year ago, beaches and exotic locations were roaming with visitors, bars, music, and performances, but now travellers are hesitant when it comes to booking a trip to a foreign location. While some travel destinations have taken the first steps towards reopening, many travellers postpone their vacations, awaiting a COVID-free future to fully enjoy their trips.

When traveling by plane becomes a challenge almost impossible to tackle, those who want to take a few days off to relax have drifted towards a more accessible option: road trips. Getting your family or friends together, renting a minivan or an RV, and taking off to see the country is a safer, less expensive option, and it serves as a good way to bond with your travel companions. 

If embarking on a long road trip with your group of friends sounds like the perfect option for your next vacation, take a look at the tips below to ensure your days on the road go as smoothly as possible.  

1. Sketch out a schedule, at least for driving

Vacations should be all about being spontaneous and having fun, but when you are on the road for many hours every day, the last thing you want is for your car to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. We are all about keeping things fun and relaxed, so we won’t tell you to schedule every single aspect of your trip, but you do need to have at least a raw plan set in place.

Map out your route and try to find spots where you can take a break, eat, use the restroom, get gas, and spend some time stretching out. Aim to take breaks every 100 miles, especially if you will be on the road for an extended period so that the driver can rest.

2. Have plenty of entertainment options

When four or more people stay in the same car for a few days, they need to have something to do, or else conflicts will start happening. Make sure you have plenty of entertainment options available, such as good music, fun games to play on the road, and stories to tell when you camp for the night.

To make sure everyone finds an activity they like, get together and make a plan. Brainstorm fun activities that everyone will enjoy, to help you strengthen your relationship as a group. 

3. Protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi

Along the road, you will be taking breaks and resting at some cafés or restaurants. If you want to check on what’s happening worldwide, you will need to connect to a public Wi-Fi provided by one of these places. But the main issue with private networks is that they are not secure or encrypted, meaning you will be exposing sensitive, personal data to cybercriminals. 

According to ExpressVPN’s guide to what is a VPN, using this tool can protect your online privacy and prevent anyone from snooping around and seeing your online activity. You can use a VPN on your phone and tablet as well, just as effectively as you would on a computer.

4. Set a budget, but bring some extra cash as well

You will be on the road all day, and if you are traveling with other adults, you can safely bet that everyone has a slightly different idea of how this trip is going to unravel. Will you be camping or sleeping at a hotel? Will you be eating on the road or stop at some nice restaurants you found on Yelp? 

When you don’t have all these details planned out, you risk putting someone in a bad position. Set a budget for the trip and make sure everyone who comes finds it affordable. Do make sure that, besides the agreed budget, you also bring some extra cash for emergencies and unplanned situations. 

5. Try to pack as light as you can

Playing Tetris is fun, but not when you are trying your best not to leave half of your sister’s luggage on the side of the road because it won’t fit in the car. You’ll end up spending too much time trying to fit everything in the trunk, and it almost always ends with someone having to hold their second backpack on their lap for a good part of the trip.

To avoid such situations, check your vehicle’s GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating), which you can find in the car’s manual, and make sure you don’t hold more weight than it says there. Ask everyone to pack as light as possible, and don’t forget that you will be spending a lot of time on the road, so there is no need for fancy outfits.  

6. Check your vehicle before and during the trip

Imagine this: you are driving along the Gulf coast, and heavy rain starts pouring out, so you turn on the wiper blades, which you have not used in a while. But as you turn them on, you see the blades are not exactly in the best shape, and they make some strange noises. This forces you to pull over and wait for the rain to pass or leave you prone to accidents on the road. 

To ensure situations like this don’t happen, make sure you check your car thoroughly before hitting the road. Make a checklist to ensure you don’t forget something important, and do this checkup at least a few days before the trip to make sure you have enough time to solve potential problems. 

7. Check the weather constantly

Our country is beautiful, but it is also home to many types of weather hazards. Heavy snow, hurricanes, rainstorms, and heatwaves – we have them all. If you plan a long trip, make sure you check the weather constantly and pack proper equipment for any challenge Mother Nature throws at you.

This means wearing adequate shoes, packing an extra change of clothes, and bringing some heavy equipment with you if you are certain the weather conditions will be harsh. Don’t forget to bring with you some equipment for your car as well, so that it can overcome snow or heavy rain, especially if you will be driving during the winter.

Article Credit To Motor Trade News.