CRA Business Marketing Explored – USA

By Express Computer

The dawn of the digital age changed lives and the rise in digital marketing was a turning event across every industry vertical. The global business, including startups to enterprises and freelancers to corporate, was on an exponential growth track. But then something happened and before anyone could fathom it, the graph came crashing down. Yes, we are referring to COVID-19 that has affected billions of lives across the world.

Businesses, small or big, were shut down once and lockdowns were imposed by economies. A new path was discovered, a new growth trajectory was set, and new plans were framed. Today, the post COVID era has changed the way businesses use to function.

Digital marketing wasn’t any exception and this newly-found tech trend underwent a new update. Did you hear about ‘New Normal’? Even digital marketing found new strategies. Wondering what are those? Want to implement the best digital marketing strategies that global tech leaders and entrepreneurs have devised? Let’s explore…

Optimize local and international SEO based on geographical diversifications

COVID-19 is a global issue. Every economy was impacted differently. Therefore, to put out your brand back in the market, you need to focus equally on local and international SEO. While the business world sets itself back on the track, a timely change in the digital marketing strategy can increase your online traffic multifold. That is why diversifying SEO basis regions become an integral part of the ‘new normal’ digital marketing strategy. It may take several months for the results to show up but this is the clarion call for all marketers out there to adapt to the changing times.

Device new payment methods to increase customer conversions  

The economic slowdown has been an unavoidable outcome of the novel coronavirus spread across the world. Some economists have even compared these times to the great depression of the 1920s. The inevitable lockdown restricted people within their homes and that has greatly impacted the employment and income. Because of all this, customer conversion reduced drastically.

But where there’s a will there’s a way. You should consider offering payment plans through different methods and leverage smart payment solutions. The variety of payment plans that you offer can help reduce the financial burden of your customers and you can see a growth in your profits instantly.

Choose paid advertising that just got cheaper

Gone are the days when paid advertising was for established brands only. The recent months of lockdown have brought a wider audience on the online platform. With the increase in web traffic globally, slots for paid advertisements have increased and the costs have decreased. This is a golden chance for small brands, solopreneurs, and startups to opt for the option of paid advertising. We have already discussed that the conversion rates have dropped but COVID-19 has not impacted CPC (Cost Per Click) much and henceforth, it turns out to be a smarter option for newer businesses. If you make the calculations, the average ROI can certainly increase with help of paid advertising.

Opt for inbound blogging and revise your social media strategy

Blogging has risen as a savior for local and small businesses, enabling them to attract a larger regional audience. Personalize your blogs for the local readers and see how it helps in thriving your business again. As we have already discussed, the local SEO and international SEO have become more clear in this ‘new normal’ age. We suggest you write high-quality blogs with in-depth research that can provide useful information to your potential and existing customers. Walk the talk, and see the magic of this easy but one of the best digital marketing strategies.

Adopt the principles of loss aversion to increase your business

This is a well-known fact that loss aversion psychology is a really powerful marketing strategy. Loss aversion simply means the human psyche defining how people prefer avoiding losses rather than acquiring gains. COVID-19 just clarified this fact. Set this as the base for developing your digital marketing strategies for the post-COVID era and you will see a clear rise in customer retention rate and the probability of a wider client base.

Some may see the glass as half-empty but the smarter ones will see the glass as half-full. COVID-19 has certainly put breaks to businesses and economies. But it’s time to thrive again.

Article Credit to Express Computer.