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CRA Business Marketing Techniques – USA

By Harpreet Munjal 

The world on the internet is colossal with more than 1.72 billion websites. And competing in such an enormous world can be a tedious job for all kinds of businesses. Especially if you’re a small business with a shoestring budget for marketing, you need to wisely choose your methodologies.

While there are several marketing strategies to choose from, you need to choose the ones that are both cost-effective and competent. One such strategy is local search engine optimization. Local SEO allows businesses to get found on the search engine results page when someone searches for services or products related to the business’s offerings nearby.

But how do you know that your business needs local SEO? Before we proceed with answering this question, let’s understand more about SEO.

The Importance Of SEO

SEO refers to the method that marketers use to get their website to appear organically on a search engine’s results page when someone searches for terms related to the company’s products or services. In this way, SEO connects companies with potential customers with the help of search engines.

Did you know that a whopping 46% of all Google searchers are looking for local information? Moreover, 88% of searches for a local business on mobile devices either call or visit the store within 24 hours. Impressive, isn’t it?

Now if you’re not investing your time and effort in getting found through search engines, you might be missing a lot of potential customers. Moreover, unlike other marketing methods like PPC, good SEO can help you thrive and beat competitors in the long run.

Five Reasons To Incorporate Local SEO

1. Competitors Rank Higher: According to Search Engine Land, a staggering 90% of searchers said they are likely to click on the results shown on the first page of a search. This simply means that you need to optimize your website and its content in such a way that it appears on page 1 and above your competitors. But this is easier said than done.

With the competition increasing day by day, it’s getting harder to show up on page 1. And now that most businesses know the importance of SEO, you need to do something more than others. If you don’t have this knowledge within your company, this means you might need help from a local SEO service or expert who understands SEO and knows how to make a website rank higher in search engine ranking position.

2. Sudden Slump In Organic Traffic: Google as well as other search engines are in a habit of continuing to modify their ranking algorithms to provide a better experience to the searchers. There are chances that your rankings might get affected because of these changes. And this can result in huge losses for your business. By understanding search engine algorithms and receiving updates with new trends or changes, you can stay ahead of your competitors and get potential leads.

3. High Bounce Rate: In a nutshell, the bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who exit a website without taking any action like clicking on a link or navigating the website or filling a form. Bounce rate is important for any kind of website for three primary reasons:

• Whenever someone bounces from your website, it means that they didn’t convert. When you stop visitors from bouncing, you’re increasing the chances of them buying from you.

• Bounce rate is one of the 200 ranking factors used by Google for ranking websites higher.

• The bounce rate allows you to determine which webpage has issues that need to be taken care of.

Now that you understand the importance of bounce rate, you need to start working on decreasing it.

4. Not Optimized For ‘Near Me’ Searches: There are many location-based apps, like Google Maps and AroundMe, which allow users to find nearby stores around them. In order to pop up in such results, you need to optimize for such searches. For example, if someone is traveling in your city and is using Google maps, they might hit the “explore” tab and search for nearby restaurants. Once hit, all relevant websites pop up on the screen. With a completely optimized website, your website will show up in the results. And this can increase the chances that people will come to you.

5. No Content Creation: Fresh and regular content is the need of the hour, and the majority of business owners don’t have the time for creating regular content. Also, creating valuable content is one thing, and optimizing it for getting ranked is another. You need to find the right keywords, place them in the right places and keep the right volume. These are some of the strategies used in optimization.

A decade back, ranking on Google and other search engines was a piece of cake, but now it has drastically changed because of the enormous surge in the number of websites. These days, companies spend a huge part of their marketing budget on experts or agencies to help their websites rank higher on search engines. The reason is that they know the ROI from local search engine optimization is way more than many other marketing methods. Decide if you should take the plunge and use local SEO to help your business grow.

Article Credit to Forbes.