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CRA Business Marketing & Promotion

Starting and running a small business isn’t easy. You’re always looking for effective ways to run it smoothly, while marketing the business and attracting new customers. For a small business owner, the competition is high, and you need to look for creative and unique ways to market your brand. That’s why promotional products can be an excellent marketing tool to boost your small business.

Promotional products are a cost-effective way to create brand awareness without spending a lot on the marketing. If you’re wondering which products to use as a promotional product, here’s a detailed guide on a few products you may wish to consider.

1. Umbrellas

Wet weather is never fun, and branded umbrellas would work perfectly with this type of weather. Why not take advantage of that and print your business logo on umbrellas? Many businesses have taken advantage of this marketing opportunity, and it’s working for them. Every time it rains, and someone opens an umbrella, your business brand will be displayed.

2. Notebooks

If you’re looking for an easy and simple promotional product, consider branded notebooks. Notebooks can be used at the office, in schools, and also at home. By printing your company’s logo on a notebook, your clients will be reminded of your brand every time they need to take something down. They might also come to you for additional notebooks when they need more.

Notebooks are useful. Your customers will appreciate your business every time they are using the notebooks, plus you’re adding value to their lives, therefore winning their loyalty to your brand.

3. Design some unique key chains

It’s always frustrating to look for your keys every day or lose them; that’s why key chains come in handy. You can design beautiful, unique key chains that promote your business. The good thing about branding key chains with your logo is that it’s something that’s used every day, so your clients and customers see your brand every day.

4. Calendars

Calendars are the simplest and the best promotional products you can use to market your business. Hand them out to loyal customers and employees to help them keep their schedules. They will enjoy using them and maintain their loyalty to your brand every time they check the date.

Not only will the calendars help your customers schedule their time and meetings better, but they will also likely pass out the promotional calendars to family and friends, spreading your brand message to an even broader audience. Create interesting messages and include your services every month, so that with a new month, there’s a new message from your business. It will give out a good impression of your business, and when they need your products or services, they know whom to call.

5. Pens

Same as notebooks, pens are an essential item we use in our everyday lives. If you want a cheap and convenient way to market your business, use pens, which have your company’s logo branded on them. You can order thousands of them and distribute them to your loyal customers, at conferences, events, etc.

6. Face masks

It can be an excellent idea to print your business brand on a few face masks to give out, too. Whether you give them out to clients or employees, you’ll be amazed at how people will appreciate it. With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many people are under strain, and a little goodwill goes a long way. The people who will use the face masks will be thankful to you for the convenience.

7. Cups and mugs

You’ve seen many coffee mugs with printed logos on them; why don’t you take advantage of such a marketing strategy and use it for your business as well? You can use regular plastic cups or coffee mugs, and promote your business with a print of your brand image on them. Then, you can pass them out on special occasions or holidays. For example, you can make unique coffee mugs with special messages like “Happy Father’s Day,” “Happy Mother’s Day,” or “Best Friends Forever,” or just a simple “Thank You” to show gratitude to your consumers for always buying from you. Your clients can use them for themselves or gift loved ones, and pass the special message around while still marketing your brand. It shows that your brand cares for its consumers, and they will appreciate it a lot.

8. Design custom name patches for your staff.

If you’re looking for a promotional product that’s both unique and affordable, then you should consider creating name patches for your staff members. Name patches are an excellent way to show your employees that you care for them as individual people. They will cherish the time you took to consider them, too.

When they use the name patches with your logo to attend to clients, they draw customers’ attention to your brand and authenticity. Create some exciting designs that are fun, but still serve their purpose.

9. Create some attachable sleeves for phone cases.

Almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays, and they carry them everywhere they go. You can take advantage of this opportunity to create some branded sleeves attached with Velcro to the phone cases. Designing phone cases are a bit expensive, so the sleeves will work well to save you some money. People can use phone sleeves to store things like credit cards and business cards on their phones, while proudly displaying your brand name.

10. Shopping bags

Shopping bags help people in their daily lives, and when people use the products every day, your brand sticks with them. People become more confident with your business brand, and you’ll find the first thing that comes to mind is your business whenever they require something within your niche. You’ll also be associated with a brand that thinks of helping their customers.

Shopping bags with your brand name also work as a walking advertisement for your business. Everywhere they go carrying the bag, more people can see your brand. It’s an affordable promotional product and an effective marketing tool, too.

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