CRA Business Explored – USA

Walnut, CA. Whenever someone utters the word ‘startup business’, people always feel one way or another about it. It is an ambitious but risky matter to start a new business from scratch.

With big companies and brands like Google, Apple, IBM, and other such companies hogging up the media’s share of attention, it may sometimes seem impossible to try and get the word about your business out there.

So maybe to your peers and family members, the thought of your startup may sound like a financial liability more than an asset. But the truth is the big enterprises, at which we have been conditioned since childhood to look at with reverence and hopes, only employ 10% of the total workforce available at any time, if not less. Startup businesses provide employment opportunities and income to the rest of the 90% workforce. So the truth is the society and labor force needs startups just as much and maybe even more than startups need them.

While big enterprises like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla have investors, economies of scale, large R&D budgets, political influence, global supply chain, brand prestige, and global sales force to see them through the fall in quarterly sales in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, startup and small scale businesses do not have the same privilege. 

Why Are Small Scale Businesses Important?

Small scale businesses and entrepreneurship are important because of the following reasons:

  • Due to the concentration of business areas, they have a better and more precise understanding of the local market
  • They offer more personalized service and take care of each consumer carefully
  • They are good at responding quickly to a situation due to small scale operations that can be better reallocated or rearranged to fit the current state of the economy
  • They are creative and possess attention to critical detail

Small Business Case Introduction:

With this thought, we introduce a small business that deals with the custom-made service of various promotional products, such as enamel pins, challenge coins, medals, trading pins, patches, lanyards, belt buckles, ornaments, key chains, cufflinks, and silicone wristbands.

GS-JJ is a division of EnamelPins Inc. The original website is devoted to Lapel Pins and Custom Enamel Pins. 

They operate as an e-commerce website that is headquartered in two countries: the United States at Los Angeles, and in Canada at Vancouver. 

They state their mission on their website as: “To Provide the Best Quality Products at Highly Competitive Prices and On-Time Delivery”.

Their custom products are completely personalized according to customers’ requirements with 4Free services: free artwork design, free revision, free quotation and free shipping. Meanwhile, they also provide working days 24-hour live chat to solve users’ problems.

To save user’s hidden design costs and users will be inspired to create what they want as much as possible, GS-JJ develops professional tools offering online designing, online saving, uploading users’ images and massive templates for reference. 

They provide their products and delivery to countries spread across 5 continents namely North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia. We can learn from their website and customers’ reviews that they are of premium quality and sold at a reasonable price.

You can go check them out on their Instagram page where they post about their organization, its products, and their production process. They interact with their followers and potential clients there. You can also get a good look at the different products they sell and have an idea about how great their quality is. 

They are also on Facebook, where aside from content regarding their company they answer questions and attend to feedback from customers.

They have a website dedicated to their brand and products. Along with that website, they have a blog where you can read articles about their products, entrepreneurship and business in general. They are very well written and help the consumers form an idea about the people running the company.

They have a YouTube channel where they make content with their employees, corporate team, and other influencers. It is enjoyable, fun, and a nice experience.

They have a wide variety of commodities and options through which you can personalize the product of choice and have it custom made to perfection.

To find out more about GS-JJ and its service, you can visit the website.

Credit to Globe News Wire.