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Velotton is a travel workshop making roll top backpacks, bags, travel apps and guides. The brand also develops e-bike kits, via their brand Vekkit. This idea of the e-bike kit was perceived by the founders of Velotton, Marina Ivanova and Pavel Guganov who are passionate about cycling and constantly travel on bicycles with a child in the bike-trailer.

The new Vekkit Travel e-bike kit

Founded in 2014, Velotton has come up with a new Vekkit Travel e-bike kit with a 2-speed motor. In the first speed mode, it delivers a maximum speed of 15km/h and more power. On the other hand, the second speed mode delivers higher speed and consumes less power.

Basically, when you have to ride up a steep hill, you need to opt for the first speed mode for the maximum power. If you are travelling on a flat road, then you should switch to the second speed mode as you ride faster. The speed mode switching is seamless as it can be done using the handlebar remote or the Vekkit companion app. To make it more convenient, there’s an auto-switch option that switches the mode automatically to the second one upon reaching 15km/h speed.

With the two speed modes, you can save battery and also distribute power efficiently. The new 2-speed motor is touted to have a higher power rate as compared to the standard one-speed motors. These new e-bike kits with a 2-speed motor will be available in versions with the front and rear motor. It will be available in varying wheel sizes ranging from 20” to 29”. Also, the battery bags will be available in two monitoring types – seat post or handlebar and four colours.

Picture credits: Vekkit

Key features of 2-speed motor kits

These e-bike kits with 2-speed motor with have a slew of key features including 36V 250W front or rear wheel with two gears depending on the variant, manual or automatic gear switching, sear post or handlebar battery bag mounts, an in-built temperature sensor for more efficiency, and security locks on the handlebar and battery bag.

Talking about battery life, it will get the power from Li-ion removable battery option ranging from a very light 252 Wh battery weighing around 1.2kg or an extended 360 Wh battery weighing around 1.7kg. These batteries can last up to 50km and 90km respectively. There are 4A chargers for faster recharging as well.

Other notable features of the Vekkit Travel e-bike kit with 2-speed motor include a wireless cadence sensor, motor controller with FOC, sensorless and sensored modes for improved performance, handlebar remote, companion app compatible with both Android and iOS and OTA software updates.

How to order a Vekkit e-bike kit?

You can order a Vekkit e-bike kit, you just have to follow three simple steps and transform your bike into an e-bike. Firstly, you need to choose the bike you want to convert into an e-bike from here. On choosing the bike, you should configure the e-bike kit and order it. You can purchase a ready-to-use kit with a well-built wheel, a tire and a tube or a kit with just the motor. Upon receiving the kit, your bike will become an e-bike. You just have to change the front wheel, attach the wireless sensor, and hang the handlebar bag.

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