CRA Products News – North America

Toronto, Ontario — BASF is introducing their brand new Glasurit 100 Line of refinish paint which sees the brand pivoting focus to meet the highest standards of sustainability, process efficiency and product quality.

This latest line of products from Glasurit will feature a VOC value 40% lower than that of traditional waterborne basecoats in the ongoing pursuit of improving the environmental footprint of the consumer while also supplementing the overall drive performance of the vehicle.

“Glasurit 100 Line is a game-changer for our customers,” said Fabien Boschetti, director of global marketing for BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions. “Not only does it offer them unprecedented quality and efficiency, but it has set a new sustainability standard with the lowest VOC values on the market. When you add this to its excellent colour stability, robustness in the application and its environmental attributes, 100 Line is the most innovative and sustainable paint system in the industry for getting more car jobs done.

“When comparing with existing basecoat lines in the market, customers can expect savings of up to 35% in overall process times through faster application and shorter flash-off cycles. Another 20 percent savings can be made as material consumption is reduced.”

The Glasurit 100 Line features innovative pigment technology which allows it to account for the ever-expanding spectrum of colours featured in the automotive industry. As well, Glasurit’s SmartSCAN spectrophotometer allows customers to easily scan and identify a vast array of colours and shades in order to accurately match the paint of their car.

Glasurit’s 100 Line of refinish paint will be available in the third quarter of 2020 in select countries. 

Credit to Collision Repair Magazine.