CRA Technology Explored – USA

Mitchell has announced the availability of the Mitchell Cloud Glass solution, a glass repair and replacement system that directly links OEM repair procedures found in the Mitchell TechAdvisor database to National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS). This – combined with Mitchell’s diagnostic and calibration tools – is designed to save technicians time and help ensure proper, safe repair of vehicle windshields, including those with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Repairers can access Mitchell Cloud Glass from any Internet-enabled device and schedule jobs, process work orders, generate invoices, track performance and receive payments from insurance partners and customers. Available first to U.S. customers, the cloud-based, point-of-sale solution integrates with Intuit QuickBooks Online to streamline accounting and UpdatePromise to securely process credit card transactions.

Additionally, through the Mitchell Cloud Glass solution, insurers can easily connect with their glass service providers and policyholders using a branded website. They can also efficiently manage claims compliance, auditing, reporting and workflow functions.

“Mitchell Cloud Glass is the next generation in auto glass claims and repair technology,” said Jack Rozint, senior vice president of Repair Sales at Mitchell. “Building on the success of our desktop solution – Mitchell GlassMate – it delivers innovative cloud and point-of-sale capabilities and is powered by an open ecosystem. This allows glass facilities and mobile repairers to leverage market-leading platforms like QuickBooks Online and UpdatePromise. Mitchell Cloud Glass also assists with facilitating proper, safe windshield repair by offering technicians access to integrated OEM repair procedures and our best-in-class recalibration tools for vehicles with ADAS that depend on precise calibration of the front-facing cameras used in lane departure systems.”

For a limited time, customers will receive substantial discounts for QuickBooks Online and UpdatePromise capabilities. Additional information can be found on the Mitchell website.

Credit to BodyShop Business.