CRA Road Safety – South Africa

Betty Shireen Emslie, an assistant superintendent at the Traffic Department, says women should own their workplace.

POLOKWANE – “Nothing good comes from breaking the rules or the law,” says Betty Shireen Emslie.

Emslie is an assistant superintendent who joined the Traffic Department in 1997.

“We promote safety and interact with people from all walks of life on a daily basis. I love educating children with regards to traffic rules and road safety, as they used to visit our department for tours. I love kids because they have great imagination and learning something new is always fun for them,” she said.

Emslie explains that the biggest challenge she experiences is that a large percentage of road users do not want to be instructed by a female officer.

“We have been trained to tackle all situations in a very professional manner,” she said.

She added that some people do not want to adhere to the rules and regulations, while others feel they are above the law.“When we come across accident scenes, I sympathise with the families because I’m a woman, mother, sister, friend and a grandmother. I always put myself in the road users’ shoes. It is heartbreaking to have to walk away from a fatal accident, knowing that this individual had a family,” she said.

Emslie advised aspiring female traffic officers to be strong, stand their ground and remember that women are capable of doing ‘a man’s job.’

“Never let anyone tell you that you cannot. Follow your dreams and follow a career that your heart desires so that you do not become miserable for the rest of your life,” she advised.

She added that women should own their place in the workplace. “Stand tall and be proud of the role you have been given in society. Be friendly, professional and carry your job title with pride. You have been placed in that position for a reason; live and walk in your purpose,” she said.

Emslie wants to start her own driving school once she retires. She enjoys farming, spending time with senior citizens and volunteering in her community.

Article Credit To Bosveld Review.