Part worn retailers may be unsure of the risks (Image: Getty)

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CAR TYRE experts have shockingly revealed how some retailers were ‘not aware’ they need to check part worn tyres for safety issues before selling them to customers.

Car tyre specialists say some retailers have been “genuinely surprised” at how dangerous their tyres were before deciding to scrap the service completely. Tyresafe has revealed they have investigated somewhere in the region of 250 part worn retailers over the past five years, inspecting over 400 tyres. 

Their study found that 63 percent of these tyres were considered unsafe to return to the road networks in a major risk.

Their investigation also found that 93 percent of retailers were selling tyres illegally and not conforming to regulations. 

TyreSafe revealed they had seen tyres being repaired with bubblegum and hand gloves before selling them back to prospective buyers. 

One tyre sold to a motorist even had a socket embedded in the tread with another having an 8mm nail sticking through a side wall. 

Part worn rubber can become a safety risk (Image: Getty)

TyreSafe spokesperson Jason Simms, revealed it was the “sellers obligation” to check tyres and ensure safety. 

Speaking to, he said: “Where part worn tyres are sold it is the sellers obligation to inspect them. 

“These tyres do not go through any kind of government checks, is upt po te retailer, the person whose business it is to sell tyres, to check the tyre. 

“By law they must put a stamp saying partly worn on it, anecdotally do you remember having seen any tyre any time anywhere with a part worn sticker on it, no.”

Part worn tyres are rubber which has been removed from a vehicle and then sold again as a separate product in its own right. 

These tyres are fully legal on the road but motorists could run a series of major risks by using the tyres. 

More than 1,200 road casualties are caused by an incident where an illegal or defective tyre is a contributory factor. 

Motorists could also run the risk of being issued heavy fines if they use a tyre which is considered to be not up to standard. 

Tyres which do not meet the minimum tread depth limit can see motorists fined up to £2,500 per tyre in a major blow. 

Motorists could also be considered for a dangerous driving charge if their tyres are considered to be in a poor condition. 

But despite the risks, there are fears that tyre retailers may be unaware of the dangers when selling their tyres. 

TyreSafe say they want to see the capability of those fitting the tyres increase so retailers “know what they are doing”. 

Mr Simms revealed some retailers had even stopped selling part worn tyres after learning how dangerous they could be. 

Motorists could also face fines if their tyres are not up to standards (Image: Getty)

He told “Over the course of the years we have seen a lot for retailers who genuinely were surprised at how dangerous some of the tyres were they were selling. 

“And they said, ‘do you know what, I didn’t realise tyres were such a complicated product, I’m not going to bother selling part worns anymore, it’s just too much of a risk’. 

“They were not aware of how important their role is in checking those tyres before they get fitted to a customers car.”

Article Credit to Express.