CRA Motoring Safety – Canada

Toronto, Ontario — Mercedes Benz has announced an optional rear seat airbag in the next generation of S-Class models, making it the first in the automotive industry. The airbag is said to be able to handle the different sizes and seating of the passengers that may be seated in the rear seat. 

The airbag will differ from the front seat airbag as it will not be a complete cushion. The system’s gas canister only inflates the tubes snaking around the bag, the main structure draws in ambient air through patented valves in the skin. 

The small volume of the tubes will allow rapid deployment of a relatively large airbag volume. This takes place with comparatively low force and a low risk of injury, as the tubular wings give way to obstacles.Another feature that differs from the front seat airbags is instead of attempting to push on an object/person, the backseat airbag will wrap around the object/person. The design of the airbag recognizes that the seat occupants could be adults, teenagers or children in car seats. 

The airbags will be built into the rear of the front seats and will be able to protect the back seat’s two lateral occupants.   

Article Credit To Collision Repair Magazine.