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Shops will be seeing more vehicles with electric powertrains coming in for repairs. To help make sure these repairs are done safely, ADAPT compiled stories with background information on the growth and service of these vehicles.

First, get the background on what’s driving down prices in battery technology as companies like Tesla work to grow their consumer bases.

Tesla to Unveil ‘Million Mile’ Battery

Next, ADAPT spoke with ASE master technician Bob McGinn about the construction of vehicle batteries, as well as some crucial information that shops will need to know about working on them.

Got an EV Repair Concern? Learn How to Tackle It

Having the know-how to work around these batteries includes having the right safety equipment. You’ve heard a lot about PPE (personal protective equipment) lately. Think of this as a field guide for PPE while working on hybrid and battery-electric vehicles.

Your Guide to HEV Protective Equipment

While you’re here, don’t miss this fascinating article (and video) all about crash tests. It’s good information straight from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

See How a Car’s Crash Prevention Technology Works

Credit to Fender Bender.