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After an unpredictable first half of 2020, Americans can all agree that they’re itching to travel. Road trips have been a huge summer trend in the current climate mainly because many find it safer than flying. You’re in complete control of your adventure—there’s no waiting in airport security lines, sitting in crowded spaces, or fees for missing your departure. There’s a sense of adventure that’s so satisfying, discovering all that this beautiful country has to offer…right in your backyard.

“Based on a recent survey we conducted, we found that people are really looking to reconnect with friends, family and the great outdoors in their travels this summer. More than a third of our respondents ranked wanting to visit family or friends who live within driving distance as their top reason for taking a road trip over safety,” says Sheryl Connelly, chief futurist at Ford Motor Company. “Considering the impact of social distancing and restrictions on being able to travel or visit loved ones, this makes sense. What we also found is that people are really looking to slow down and make the most of their time away from home. More than 20% wanted to take a road trip just so they could explore and see the sights along the way to their destination.”

young woman on road trip

Planning a road trip has endless opportunities from camping under the stars, checking out National Parks, or even going solo and taking some time for well-deserved self care. You’re not restricted to flying on a schedule, renting a car, and getting a hotel like regular vacations. And it’s okay if it doesn’t go as planned—it might actually make it more fun. Veering off of the itinerary will make for a great adventure. Not sure what type of road trip to take? Here are different types of road trips to see what’s best for you.

Solo Road Trip

A solo road trip can be for anyone, but especially for those who are feeling stuck in their life or in search of an adventure. There’s something magical about being on the road exploring American gems, music blasting with the thoughts in your head as your copilot.

highway 1, california
Highway 1, Big Sur, California HARLEY DAVIDSON

You’ll feel a level of power, confidence, and freedom on a solo road trip that feels so good. I took a solo road trip down Highway 1 in California along the coast to Big Sur, and I just felt so free. I couldn’t imagine doing that trip with anyone. You’re completely in control for all decisions from music to where to stop for lunch to where you’re sleeping for the night. Even though you’re alone, you’ll make a lot of friends along the way—I still keep in touch with some people I met on hiking trails and during nights out.

National Park Road Trip

Yes, we all know the Grand Canyon (it’s beautiful and breathtaking), but did you know that there are over 400 National Parks in our Land of the Free? Planning a road trip to visit National Parks is for the history buff and outdoorsy type who enjoys camping.

yosemite national park
Yosemite National Park JOSH CARTER

The National Park Service has a great website to easily learn and find hidden gems like Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. Explore Yosemite, plan a camping adventure along the way. Chances are, there are lesser-known National Parks within a few hours of your home that you’ve never visited.

Good Ol’ Family Road Trip

No matter how close you are with your family, you will definitely learn something new about them after spending so much time together in close quarters on the road. With any road trip, it’s all about communicating with one another and setting boundaries. Give each other space when needed—you don’t need to be on top of each other 24/7.

family camping on a road trip

For me, when I’m traveling I’m always thinking about what stories I’m going to tell my parents. But with a family road trip, we all get to experience it together. I don’t need to try explaining these underwhelming stories that usually become a “you had to be there” moment. It’s something we’ll be able to reminisce about for years to come.

Road Trip with the Besties

Best friends are the family we get to choose. They know us better than anyone else, no matter how far life takes us, they’ll always be there to pick up your call. Road tripping with your besties can be an awesome time, but it’s important to assign roles and responsibilities before the trip to avoid conflict during the trip.

best friends on a road trip

A lot goes into researching and planning the itinerary. It wouldn’t be fair for just one person in the group to do all of the planning when the rest of your friends just come along without putting in any effort. Your friends each have different interests, which should be discussed ahead of time so the stops on the trip are things that everyone wants to do. With a little teamwork, it will be smooth sailing.

Taste America Road Trip

As much as tourists want to see the sights, they also want to taste the local food. For the foodies out there, that’s what their trips revolve around. They’re known for finding the best restaurants, seeking out underground spots, and trying cuisine that they can’t get back at home.


Creating a road trip around food can literally go anywhere. Definitely make some stops down south for some true southern hospitality. Along with food, add some brewery tour stops to explore local beer and spirits too.

Couples Road Trip

The road trip that could make or break a relationship. Your relationship is your business, but I wouldn’t recommend traveling hours in a car together at a time until your relationship is pretty rock solid. Some bickering is bound to happen, but shouldn’t be the reason for a breakup.

couple holding hands on road trip

A road trip with someone you love is a great way to get to know them better and see them in a way that maybe you didn’t see before. Traveling to beautiful sights and camping is always more fun when you have someone to share it with.

No matter which way you road trip, you’ll get to see America through a lens that perhaps you didn’t experience before. After being kept home for months with previous trips cancelled, it’s a journey of self discovery and learning more about those who join you. It taught me that I didn’t need to get on a plane and fly across the Atlantic Ocean to seek adventure. Who knows where the road will take you, but I’m sure it’ll make for a great story.

Article Credit To Country Living.