CRA Marketing Tips – USA

Mitchell 1 offers a roundup of 10 marketing tips and tricks to help automotive repair shops boost business as states reopen.

SocialCRM service integrates with the Manager™ SE shop management system, enabling you to reach your customers right away with text messages sent directly from inside your Manager SE shop system.

Communicating with Customers During the Pandemic  

If you’d like to notify your customers of the precautionary measures your shop has taken to keep them safe by preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the SocialCRM marketing service can help. Standard or customized messages related to the pandemic can be easily communicated via email on behalf of your shop, along with updates on your shop’s website to communicate with your customers.

How Online Appointments Save You Time

For many shops, the process of scheduling appointments can be a pain point for consumers and employees. Giving consumers the option to book their appointment online is a great time saver for both the consumer and the shop.

Showing Customers Gratitude Creates Loyalty

When an auto repair shop shows gratitude to their customers, it can help create loyalty. Use these tips to improve the relationship between you and your customers.

Building Customer Relationships

A collection of tips from Mitchell 1 designed to help shops build strong customer relationships with your customers with thank-you messages, coupon promotions, email campaigns and more.

Inside tips on text messaging (and more)

Our SocialCRM team shares insights about building customer relationships by using text messaging to increase engagement.

Automate Your State Inspection Email Blasts

Not every state requires vehicles to be inspected on a regular basis, but if yours does, SocialCRM can make it easy to remind your customers. 

How to boost your revenue by using recommendations

Recommendation reminders not only help ensure the health and safety of your customer’s car and show them that you care, but you are also helping to boost your shop’s revenue. Integrating your CRM system with your management system is the perfect way to automate the recommendation reminders you send out.

So Negative Reviews About My Auto Shop Are a Good Thing?

Yes, negative reviews can be good for your auto repair shop if you handle them properly. This blog post offers some valuable tips showing how you can do exactly that.

“Marketing Science” Without the Science Degree

Measuring marketing results and return on investment has historically been a challenge. Compared to the guesswork of the past, new marketing tools are making “marketing science” possible. The old adage, “half of my marketing dollars are not working, but I don’t know which half,” no longer applies. Now businesses can know which of their marketing dollars are or are not working, so they can make better business decisions.

How Google Ads Can Help Your Auto Repair Business Grow

The idea of running a Google Ads campaign can be an overwhelming challenge for those just getting started. There is so much to know: what do I set my budget to? What keywords should I be using? How do I write an effective ad? These are all common questions that can intimidate beginners. Here are some tips to get you started.

The Mitchell 1 SocialCRM auto repair marketing service is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive way to reach an entire customer database with unique marketing messages and campaigns. Auto repair shops can retain existing customers with automated service reminders, thank-you messages and targeted e-mail promotions as well as attract new customers through verified reviews, professional websites and increased internet visibility.

Credit to After Market News.