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CRA Travel & Motoring Tips

By Jennifer Munoz

AAA reports that this summer people will be traveling mostly by car, 97% of summer trips will be on the road which is up by 10% from last year.

Is your vehicle ready for the road?

Greg Skinner, service advisor at Astro Lincoln Pensacola said they’ve noticed more people over the past several weeks come in do oil changes and pre-road inspections.

Gary Sapp owner of Sapp automotive said before you head out for any 4th of July road trip vacations you need to inspect the car.

People themselves can check the wiper blades, tire pressure and oil levels but there are somethings that you are going to need a trusted mechanic to look at.

Getting your car road ready for a road trip. SOURCE: WEAR-TV

“Do an oil change that gives the technicians and opportunity to give a vehicle a once over to inspect it and see what needs to be done and see that everything is good,” said Sapp.

A mechanic will typically check things you can’t like the belts, brakes, battery and fluids.

If the quarantine has left your car sitting in the drive way for a while, Sapp said your definitely need to get it checked before you hit the road for along trip.

“Jumping on the high way right after the vehicle sat for a long time, if you have a problem brewing and it hadn’t been looked at and if you haven’t been operating the vehicle just before you go, you may very well find yourself in a predicament,” Sapp said.

Preventive maintenance can save you money and time, because nothing ruins a vacation like getting stuck on the side of the road.

“When you are traveling you are in a strange area you don’t have the support system folks to come get you, you are going to be sitting on the side of the road probably with out air conditioning in the heat for who knows how long waiting on the service people to come to you,” Sapp said.

It’s all important to back emergency equipment like water, flash light, jumper cables, a spare tire and tools to replace a spare tire.

Article Credit To Wear TV.