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Toronto, Ontario — Windshield and side glass play an integral role in the performance and functionality of certain features in Ford vehicles. During repairs that involve glass removal and replacement it is vital that the vehicle is restored to its original operating condition. 

The quality, performance and safety of aftermarket replacement windshields and side glass may not meet Ford Motor Company’s specifications, and can result in safety features not working properly. 

For these reasons, Ford Motor Company says in a press release “[Ford] does not approve the use of aftermarket windshield or side replacement glass. Only by using Ford Original Equipment Carlite replacement glass can you be assured of the fit, function, safety and structural integrity of repair.”

The following features can be affected when Ford’s OEM Repair Procedures are not followed: 

  • Head Up Display (HUD): is a feature found in some Ford models that displays information on the windshield. However, aftermarket glass often does not meet the same specifications as Ford glass and can result in poor quality HUD performance, says Ford. 
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): uses pictures from a camera attached to the windshield. Aftermarket windshields sometimes do not place the camera attachment brackets in the original location, which causes distortion and affects the camera from operating properly, says Ford. 
  • SoundScreen Glass: is made with acoustic dampening technology, which reduces exterior noise. Ford says, aftermarket glass does not always have these features and will increase exterior noise inside the vehicle, resulting in issues with voice activated commands. 

When replacing windshield or side glass, Ford says it is important to use their OEM repair procedures to ensure the proper repairs are completed. When procedures are not followed it can result in incomplete repairs and key vehicles safety systems not working properly.

Credit to Collision Repair Magazine.