CRA Insurance – South Africa

We are all looking at ways to reduce our monthly expenses and an easy way of doing this is to review our various insurance policies and see where we can save ourselves money. Here at Autodealer we’ve focussed on car insurance and have come up with a few tips that might help you save on your monthly premium.

  1. Make sure that your details are correct- Have a look through your insurable quote and ensure that the company in question has all of the correct information, perhaps you now have a more secure parking spot at the office or at home, this would reduce your premium.
  2. Always check if you qualify for discounts- At certain points in your life or during your time with an insurer, your risk profile will change. For example, the day one turns 25 your premiums will go down while those who have been claim-free for many years will often get better premiums. Activities that improve your skills as a road user also reduce your premiums for example; an advanced driving or ant-hi-jacking course would mean a lower premium for the insured.
  3. Keep your insurer on their toes- As rival insurers for quotes every so often, if one insurer can beat your current provider odds are your current insurer will match or even better the best rate to keep you on as a client.
  4. Insure multiple items- Many insurance companies enjoy package deals, that means that the company will insure your house and car for example; this allows the company to provide you with a lower premium for your car as it equates to less risk.
  5. Make sure your next car is low risk-Many people see that popular car models have a great resale value however many often forget that popular vehicle is often those that are the most stolen, which drives up premiums and could mean that in the lifecycle of your vehicle the additional cost of our insurance might make the resale value quite redundant. A bit of research regarding insurance premiums on your next car could save you quite a bit of money.
  6. Have a tracker installed- Many insurers have devices that track your driving habits, if you’re okay with the company knowing your driving style, speed and where you are all of the time then these devices will lower your premium. On the downside, if you drive badly you could see your premium increase.
  7. Change your excess- The amount of excess that one pays is proportional to their premiums and therefore if you need a lower monthly premium then raising your excess or money that you pay when claiming can see you save some money. Be cautious though as a large excess could cripple you when it comes to claiming. Many companies offer a fixed excess amount which means that a set amount is paid no matter what the claim.

Article Credit to South Coast Sun.